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BEEP EDIT: Nevermind, I thought of a name. Anuria was the one I chose because Anuenue means Rainbow in Hawaiian. Anuria almost sounds a little too elegant for this girl, but it'll do nicely I think. Unless I get a better name.

Okay, I'm thinking that this is her info:

Age: 15
Species: Purple cat girl.
Personality: Creative, fun, a little psycho, bright
Loves: Bright, neon colors, art, making things, parties, originality, creativity, funky clothes
Hates: Anything even slighty boring, grey, bland colors, staying home on Saturday
Style: Funky, wild, over-the-edge, different
Looks: Purple fur, natural hair is caramel-blonde, no tail, large cat ears, small bat wings on heels, tiny rainbow-striped-wings or something XD

Anuria dyes her hair a lot of different colors all the time, and changes piercings and accesories a LOT, so you can be extremely creative when drawing her. You need to keep these things though:

;A small amount of blonde/caramel hair in the back.
;Devil wings on heels
;Tiny wings
;Purple skin
;Cat ears
;A HECK of a lot of crazy things for her to wear.

I used almost all marker to color this, except for colored pencil on the skin.

Enjoy, and PLEASE think of a cool original name to suggest! I'd appreciate it :)
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Adorable!! Purizuma mean prism in Japanese... -lame- xD
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Haaaaaaaaaay that's my bird's name, haha! I'll have to consider that, actually...