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I studied art in high school but I found realistic drawings unattainable so I decided to pursue other dreams. I continued to draw in private. When I moved to Japan I used drawing as a forms of communicating with my students. I tried to imitate the cute Japanese characters they would draw, but couldn't quite get there. Having a limited time to draw on the blackboard I developed a quick doodle style. Sometimes my students and I would create a whole story on the whiteboard to tell a story about what they were studying. I learnt from their drawing styles, and they from mine. It was one way to cross language barriers. Some of the Japanese artwork they did were amazing, and so through them and from everyone's support, it renewed my love for drawing.

My favourite medium is marker or chalk in one colour, but I do like to paint miniatures and gifts for people. In 2013 I started to learn how to use GIMP and INSCAPE through trial and error. Now I use Illustrator to get a lot of my artwork into digital media. There's still a lot to learn, but hopefully through perseverance my art can develop more.

This year I'm trying to use a more traditional medium, and add colour to my art. I hope you will enjoy my art progress :)