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Romulan Warbird

This is the first in a series of three drawings I did one night after having realized I probably haven't seriously attempted to draw anything in months. Deciding to turn back to my old talents, I started with this D'deridex class Romulan Warbird from Star Trek. I drew it by looking at the electronic light-up toy model I've had since The Next Generation was still in production in the early 90's. The Warbird is probably my favorite alien ship in Star Trek and represents a ship even larger than the Galaxy Class Enterprise-D. It's a curious design, seeming to take up more room than it needs to with that massive hollow area within it's wing structures.

I decided to draw it and do some shading to give the ship a feeling of depth and make it seem as if it's engines are glowing in the cold darkness of space. I tried to capture that ominous, predatory look that I think Andrew Probert was going for when he designed the Warbird.

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that is badass! XD
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GREAT drawing.  Always my favourite ship!
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I always love the look of Romulan ship design with the D'deridex being my all time favorite. Now in STO I'll get to fly one xD

Nice work mate, just love'n this ^_^
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still my fav space ship design of all times <3
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the romulan ships are all very handsome. from the Kirk era ones up to the valdore types. lovely drawing too.
thx thx thx for so a pic with that you show that every pic can get good thumps up for hand drawer
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its beautiful!!!! amazeing!
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Very good drawing - respect!
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Very good job! :clap:
This is my favorite spaceship (design) from the star trek series!
But i don't like the romulans. :alien: :abduction:
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Isn't it the best looking ship from TNG? And the design was continued amazingly in the Valdore Warbird from Nemesis. Great choice for a drawing and graet drawing.
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The Valdore does carry on some basic styling cliches from the D'Deridex. In Nemesis, I felt that the Romulan ships looked too complicated and edgy. That tends to happen because the use of CGI makes it easy to create an overly elaborate design. Those old hand-built models were truly works of art.
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Yes, I think models are better, too. Also the weapons effects were a little lame. No disruptor beams, just pulse weapons and small torpedos.
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Wonderful attention to detail!
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That is a really good drawing man, you definitely got some serious talent.
Merc-Raven's avatar
You're on a mewing rampage! O_O

Yeah, I didn't even think about green being your favorite color. Green is the color of a lot of alien ships but mainly the more "modern" Romulan and Klingon ships. I say "modern" as in "now" being in the 2380's or something. xD
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HOT DAMN!! This is one of the best Romulan warbirds drawn ive seen in a long time.... actually, its the only one ive ever seen drawn! And only you could make me enjoy the warbird as much as you do!! MEW!
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