Painted Commissions! [CLOSED]

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[11/06/2020] Updated comm info.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or note me!

I can also be reached on Instagram and Twitter 


Pink Bow Bullet Chibi - $140 USD + depends on complexity

Smol Cloud by MeramiiChessie by MeramiiChibi Hinata by MeramiiC: Callista and Gordon by Meramii

Pink Bow Bullet Headshot - $170 USD + depends on complexity

Pink Bow Bullet Halfbody - $260 USD + depends on complexity

Pink Bow Bullet Fullbody - $350 USD + depends on complexity

C: Lady Celestine by MeramiiC: Nisha Retaru by Meramii

 Additional Composition: +$20 - $300 USD (depends on complexity)

If you would like this additional option, please specify in your form. 

Creeping Shadows by MeramiiMizuki by Meramii
C: Deimos by MeramiiCelestial Harmony by Meramii
Note: All regular commissions will only come with a simple background, likely a gradient, unless "Additional composition" is applied. 

 Heart berry pixelFor newer examples of my art, please click here to view my gallery! 


Bullet; Blue For non-profit personal use only. 
Bullet; Blue Advance payment through Paypal before I start on anything.
Bullet; Blue No refunds, unless there is an issue on my side where I am unable to complete the commission.
Bullet; Blue I work according to my own pace to ensure best quality. Under normal circumstances, I do not take more than a month once I start working on a painting, unless it's something of high complexity. 
Bullet; Blue I work with the references and information I am provided with at the beginning. i.e. If your character's design changes mid-way through the commission, I am not responsible in complying with the new changes without additional charges. 
Bullet; Blue I will allow up to 2 small revisions during the process and 1 after completion. Anything above would result in additional fees.
Bullet; Blue If applicable, you must specify from the beginning if there is anything you would not want in a commission (i.e. dramatic lighting, a specific angle, perspective, pose etc). Otherwise, I will assume you are leaving artistic freedom to me. 
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to decline anything that I do not feel confident in doing.
Bullet; Blue I will note you the full res image upon completion.
Bullet; Blue A smaller version of the finished drawing will be posted in my gallery as part of my portfolio.
Bullet; Blue Credit me as the artist if you are to repost anywhere.


What I CAN draw
Bullet; Green Female OCs
Bullet; Green Male OCs
Bullet; Green Pets/animals/creatures, dolls, weapons etc. 
Bullet; Green Fanart 

What I CAN'T/WON'T draw
Bullet; Red NSFW (anything sexual)
Bullet; Red Overly muscular people 
Bullet; Red Old people
Bullet; Red Furries, anthros (unless they have a human-like appearance ;; ears, tails, wings are fine!)


Star! If you are interested please fill out the following form 

Commission type:
Character name:
Character reference:
Personality traits:
Additional info (if any):
Paypal email:

NOTE: If you choose to send me this information through my email at and you have a DA account, please also send me a note stating so, as it reminds me to check my email! Thank you!

Thank you to my previous commissioners!~
:iconxwitheringwillowx: :iconcrystal-comb: :iconbirchwing: :iconmaddiiewashere: :iconartysaur: :iconthescarletcrow: :iconcataclysmictilde: :iconsun-shards: :iconhyun-sama: :iconsaintskully: :iconwhimsicalwhiffle: :iconhallowrook: :iconfuksyr: :iconcrashshot: :iconkvu1738: :iconmiraclekid92: :iconjack177: :iconbolverk18: :iconprecisemoon: :iconankrea: :icontrexdruid: :iconchicaaago: :iconrosypumpkin: :icontcareywastaken: :icondoomsdaydolls: :iconazuriine: :iconsasucchi95: :iconpropheticpixels: :icondarklight-phoenix: :iconlanasu57: :iconberrytreat: :iconmaiswirley: :iconfloofurr: :iconladycarmine: :iconenzouke: :iconamarlise: :iconfelune-bun: :iconsaphirhimaa: :iconlittlepieceofmagic: :icondark-eyes: :icondirtw0lf: :iconerediell: :iconthe-puddinator:


© 2015 - 2021 Meramii
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Erediell's avatar
Hello! ;v;
Are these open? qwq
Meramii's avatar
yes they are <3 
Nissiku-san's avatar
Are these open? :o I’d love a piece from you if possible! ^^
Meramii's avatar
Hello, yes they are open c:
Feel free to shoot me a note any time! 
Tearyia's avatar
Will you open these again soon?
Meramii's avatar
Sorry for the late reply OTL
I am gonna be opening them again next week! 
Emperoraku's avatar
HI- well are you open still now?
Meramii's avatar
Hi! Sorry for the belated reply!
Yeah, if you're still interested, there's one spot left
Mama-Meme's avatar
hi! is this still open??
Meramii's avatar
Yes! It’s still open!
LadyCarmine's avatar
Hi! I absolutely love your art! 

Commission Type: Halfbody
Character Name: Holly
Character Reference:
Personality Traits: Bubbly, Effervescent, Optimistic
Additional Info: Can I request a red/black color schemed background with dark shading and paranormal/ghost themes? I'd also like to request Holly have a sort of creepy smile with her eyes glowing a bit to contrast the dark background

Thank you!!
Meramii's avatar
Ahh thank you so much !!

She's such a sweetheart <33
Could you perhaps send me a note with a bit more details regarding the background? Like an idea to how much details you'd like please ;v; ? 
MaiSwirley's avatar
Is yours still open?
Meramii's avatar
Yes they're still open! ;v; 
MaiSwirley's avatar
Ah~ Going to order some

Commission type: Chibi
Character name: Kiryu
Character reference:
Personality traits: Discipline
Additional info (if any):
Replace his original outfit into the outfit I show you. He is lifting up his small flame.

Commission type: Half Body
Character name: Kiryu
Character reference: *Same as first one*
Personality traits: Modest
Additional info (if any): Replace his outfit as well. uhh.... I guess that's all in my mind .-.
Melanient's avatar

hi hi !! ;; v ;; 
Commission type: Headshot-
Character name: Annie 
Character reference: waves,, / :0
Personality traits: serious, quiet , awkward, happy idk---
Additional info (if any): aaaa nothing ;;;

Meramii's avatar
Hi! c:
ah awesome! ;u; Thanks for the interest~<3
Whenever you're ready, you can send the payment to my Paypal at and I'll add you to the list! 
Also please make sure to select "no address needed" when sending /u\ Thank you~!! 
Melanient's avatar

hi ;; !!
for some odd reason it wont let me send the money so do you perhaps have a page ?
I think that may work better ;; x ;;
RosyPumpkin's avatar
is there any special way you'd like to be contacted for commissions? email, notes, etc?
Meramii's avatar
Ah notes are probably the best option, since I check my DA on a daily basis! 
Miraclekid92's avatar
good day, are you still doing commissions?
If I wish to commission 2 characters in the same picture, would that be $70.00?
Meramii's avatar
Hello! Yes I am!~
If you are referring to 2 characters in the halfbody category, then yes c:
Miraclekid92's avatar
Thanks for the reply. 
Unfortunately, my request is a bit nsfw, and I see here that you don't draw that (I noticed a bit too late :( ). My sincerest apologies.
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