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OP: White Beard by e1n
I'm always with you by A-hi-ru
Sweet Shooting Star by SiriusPlanet
Big Brother, Little Brother (One Piece fanart) by MajorasMasks
Ace and Volcarona by UWUNlCORN
Tomb of Portgas D. Ace by Sasoriakasuna1
not a goodbye by UWUNlCORN
[Day 4] Portgas D. Ace x Elisabeth Ray - On a Date by AyoraPics
[Day 5] Portgas D. Ace x Elisabeth Ray - Kissing by AyoraPics
Luffy! You Will Never Be Alone... by Michael1525
Was I a Good Father? (Ace illustration) | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
Revolutionary Sabo
[One Piece] Posing for the Camera (Sabo and Luffy) by MajorasMasks
Sabo by gabriella-peralta
Sabo by gabriella-peralta
SaboLaw by anjeIIe
Portgas D. Ace by Sid-Cosplay
Portgas D. Ace by Sid-Cosplay
One Piece group from Portugal! Iberanime Opo 2015 by Sid-Cosplay
Colouring or edited screens
Tagwall D. Brother by KarenAlvizo
Hiken No Ace portada by KarenAlvizo
Luffy and Ace by Narusailor

Mature Content

Waves (One Piece AT fanfic, spoilers up to vol.80) by MajorasMasks
[One Piece] 'The Beginnin of an Era' (OP spoilers) by MajorasMasks
[One Piece] ASL by MajorasMasks
Make Love Not War.... by gabriella-peralta
Was I a Good Father? (One Piece collab) | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
Letter by Anixien

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This is a fanclub dedicated to Portgas D. Ace and the Mera Mera no Mi from the manga and anime One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.
Founded 14 Years ago
Dec 23, 2009


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" Mera Mera no Mi "
Smiled until the end...

" Thank you for loving someone like me, who is good for nothing.. with such bad blood in his veins. Up to today.. Thank you!! "

:iconburningplz: :iconburningplz:


Ace gif 01 by Moreno87

:flame: The submission must have Ace in it or to be Ace's related (tattoos, cosplay etc) (About OC: they are NOT allowed unless they are with Ace in the picture/cosplay/etc).
:flame: Sabo submissions will be placed in the folder "Revolutionary Sabo" Only.
:flame: PLEASE! Just submit to the right folder.
:flame: No traced, no copied works, the artwork must be yours, references should be linked to.
:flame: Sketches must be CLEAN.
:flame: No Works in progress (WIP)
:flame: Mature content must have the mature filter ON.
:flame: No Hentai/Yaoi artworks (shonnen ai is allowed).
:flame: Don't resubmit declined works (unless you have confused folders)


:pointr: Tradicional: Every art made in traditional media whichever style you use.
:pointr: Digital: Every art made in digital media whichever style you use.
:pointr: Revolutionary Sabo: Every art related with Sabo will be placed here.
:pointr: Cosplay: COSPLAYS ONLY.
:pointr: Colouring or Edited screens: Coloured linearts, vector arts, editions, coloured pages. Etc.
:pointr: Writings: Fanfics, poems, prose etc. about Ace or Ace related.
:pointr: Other: the rest of the things...





In this group, now we have room for another character...
Because you know... he is the new user of the mera mera no mi.

Because of this dude… now you can submit any art of him to the new folder "Revolutionary Sabo"... I think explanations are not needed...

Welcome to Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo!!!....

But Watch out!!! The rest of the folders are Ace's ONLY...

Have fun drawing your favorites characters ;) and smile until the end!!!
- Debbies
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