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OC Diamond Sparkle Plushie

This awesome pony was commissioned by :iconthepinkshark: - thank you for commissioning me!

She was a birthday gift for :icondiamondsparkle7: (how sweet is that! <3) This pony is her OC, Diamond Sparkle. 

Her hair was lots of work, and I think it turned out awesome. I love the color scheme and her piercings, she's such a cool punk pony ^^
The eye design is by
 ThePinkShark, which was a lot of fun turning into embroidery. I think it gives this pony a totally unique look.

She's made with my small size pattern, around 7.5" (19cm). Made of minky fabric, machine embroidered eyes and cutiemark. 

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Diamond Sparkle belongs to DiamondSparkle7
Vector by ThePinkShark 
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Oh my goodness, I can't look, that is way to adorable. I love the style of its eyes, it adds such a beautiful touch to the plushie!!! 
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Aww thanks so much! I hope to do more custom eye embroidery in the future ^_^
DiamondSparkle7's avatar
thank you a million! again :) i love her so much! :3
meplushyou's avatar
Aww thanks again! So glad you love her.
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how much would one of these be? i know yur commissions are closed rn but i mean for furture reference ;o;
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I'll reply in PM ^^
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Nice work, she's adorable!
meplushyou's avatar
Thank you :3 Gilda and pinkie pie (hug) plz 
meplushyou's avatar
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You're welcome! ^^
PinkTabico's avatar
Me and her both love it so much ;u;
GeefPoot's avatar
Awesome, both the plush and the OC :D
natapew's avatar
She is so cute!
meplushyou's avatar
natapew's avatar
Yay, you're welcome! :RainbowBummiesParade:

on another note, did you begin making the accessories for Breezy? ;3
No rush, take your time :P ^^
meplushyou's avatar
Working on it <3

This one was already shipped before your commission, so I kinda need to finish another mini pony to fit your accessoires on >_< I'll update you with pictures soon!
natapew's avatar
Yay, okay :3
thasbrony's avatar
She looks great ^^
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks! Ik zag Naz haar versie van Pyra, echt awesome geworden! <3
thasbrony's avatar
Bedankt ^^ hoop niet dat je het jammer vindt dat ik niet bij jouw weer besteld had ^^"" maar ik heb nog 2 oc's die geplushed moeten worden en daarvoor ga ik wel naar jouw toe x3 maar dat moet nog ff wachten
meplushyou's avatar
Geen probleem hoor, ik heb werk genoeg ^_^ Maar het lijkt me wel leuk om weer een keer wat voor je te maken :3
(Ik wil zelf stiekem ook nog wel een keer iets bij Naz bestellen xD)
thasbrony's avatar
Ja ik moest half 4 mijn bestelling versturen. In de ochtend en vervolgens deep mijn laptop ook nog raar xp
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