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Nessie Bronyscot plush

Meet the mascot of BronyScot, Scotland's My Little Pony Convention: Nessie!

Since Nessie is a unicorn, but you can never see because of her hair - I decided to give her a secret 'horn reveal' xD
Her hair sticks down with magnets so you can hide it completely if you want to.

Because the BronyScot theme this year is Vikings, she was commissioned with a removeable viking helmet. Isn't it adorable?
My bf thought every pony I make should have this as a default accessory xD

Her eyes and cutiemark are machine embroidered. Her cutiemark also features applique, using the fabric that's also used for the scarf. 

Hope you like her! <3


Here's a ref of Nessie by the way, if you're interested (not made by me):
Jumping For Joy by meplushyou 


Base body pattern is an adjusted version of Planet Plush's pony pattern. You can buy it here:…
Mane, tail, scarf and viking helmet are my own pattern. 
Both eye and cutiemark embroidery are digitized by myself. 


For work in progress:

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it looks like the monster high doll nessie

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just the fact that you made your own plushie oc is awsome enough :D
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Oh my gosh what a cute mascot. I love the magnetic bangs that hide the horn. That's such a unique feature. Great job on the helmet too! 
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Super late reply, but thanks a lot! <3 La la la la 
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oh great! So you are going to the Bronyscot? We would love to go there, it sounds like an awesome thing. But we are not sure if we can manage it, since HWcon is 3 month later (i hope) and a must have.

the little helmet is adorable fur sure! Great work with this plush, Viking hearts will melt like ice in the sunshine.
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I might be! Not sure yet. 
It seems that there might not be an HWcon, so I'm thinking of vendoring at Bronyscot instead. Should be fun, something different ^^
I haven't heard anything about HWcon so I'm getting a bit worried there might not be a 2017 version.

Anways, thanks! ^_^
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The people who organize HWcon decided to skip a year. So if everything goes to plan there will be another one in 2018.
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Yeah, I saw the facebook post about it. Sucks! I'm quite sad about it D: But I'm glad there'll probably be a HWcon 2018 though. I'll be there of course :3
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Aww....! She is pretty damn cute! 
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Are you vendoring at BronyScot? :D
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I haven't decided yet xD I might be! ^^
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go there because I'm going there :P
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Ooh awesome! Good reason to go ^^
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Oh it would be amazing if you did! I'd definitely pay your booth a visit! :P
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Hah awesome ^^ I hope to see you there!
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