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Neopets Faerie Ixi plushie

Faerie ixi from Neopets <3

This cutie was commissioned to be extra fluffy and have cuddly wings.
Made from my own pattern, I'm so happy with his front view! Machine embroidered and applique 
details, digitized by me.

He's made of minky and faux fur. He'd stuffed with fiberfill and some poly pellets to help him stand well. 

Want to see work in progress?

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PS: Ixi's are designed by Neopets, find out more about them here:
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I love how the face markings turned out with this.

Peazil's avatar

Absolutely love this Ixi, amazing work!

meplushyou's avatar

Thank you! I'd love to make more neopets <3

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I happened to look up Ixi on Google and came across this. You did a really beautiful job on this plush and the colours are gorgeous! The hair fluffs are super cute. Great job. :)
meplushyou's avatar
Aah that's so cool! Thank you!
I see it's already been 2,5 years since I made this cutie - it's still one of my favs ^_^
Silberry's avatar
You certainly did a wonderful job on it! Haha. My friend and I just happened to be reminiscing about the good ol' Neopets days so we were looking up some of our faves that we built characters on. It was a treat to come across this lovely piece. :>
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I had a faerie ixi plush when I was a little kid and I loved it1

It brings me so much joy to see that someone has made a wonderful handmade version of it! :D
meplushyou's avatar
Aww! How sweet!
That's so nice to hear, thank you <3
MamaOwlcat's avatar
Better than the official one, tbh
meplushyou's avatar
Hah, thanks a lot! Love 
xSkylaTheEchidnax's avatar
Can you make a Zafara??!! If so, how much??
meplushyou's avatar
I'm not open for commissions atm, but I could totally make a Zafara when I'm taking orders again. Feel free to PM or e-mail me with an image of your Zafara for a price quote. 
You can get a feel for my usual starting prices here:
xSkylaTheEchidnax's avatar
AAAAHHHH!!!! I'll never be able to afford $236 for the plush I want!!! I've spent years trying to get a zafara plush, but no one knows how to make them!!! I work at a workshop and I'm lucky if i manage to have $100 in my account!!!! What do i do?!?
NeopetsFanBoy's avatar
Omg I love this :D Great work.
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks a lot! <3
VaurienVixen's avatar
It's such a cutie!!! ixis are some of my favorites ><
You did such an amazing job!!
meplushyou's avatar
Thank you so much! It's so cool so many people still remember Neopets Free Acara icon 
VaurienVixen's avatar
I still play it to this day XD kinda sad how it fell out of popularity though.
I actually lost my very first account to a lab ray scam.. i was a kinda dumb kid sometimes
WidowPeak's avatar
Hehe...this little thing is basically perfect!
meplushyou's avatar
Awww, thank you so very much Heart 
sugarstitch's avatar
Aww what a floofy cutie~! Love that sweet face~
meplushyou's avatar
Awww thank you so much!
FleeceFriendship's avatar
This is so perfect :) His face is adorable!
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks a lot! <3
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