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Lynxie plush

Oh I just absolutely fell in love with this OC! She was insanely time-consuming with all the markings and gradients, but she's just such a babe! I'm very happy with the result ^_^

Lynxie is 16inch / 40cm tall to top of head, is made out of minky fabric and comes with socks <3

Interested in work in progress of my plushies?
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You can find my price list here:
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Whoa an awsome result, i wish you would make patterns as comissions, not for Ponys, just for OC xD

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I don't do pattern commissions, but I definitely do custom pattern for OC commissions! ^^ I'm currently working on an anthro OC, coming soon :3

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I agree, she is a very nice-looking character. Though, I can not help but that her Cutie Mark? Or simply fur patterns?

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The diamond shapes are her cutiemarks! The rest is regular markings. (I saw the ref including her foal form ^^)

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Wow! Not only is the OC awesome, the plush turned out absolutely incredible! Straight into my favorites folder. Awesome job!
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Thanks so much! <3

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Cute mode, activate \o/ Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2

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