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Link pony!

MLP Link plush

I made Link! :D

I squeed when he appeared in the latest episode. I just had to make him! This was the first time in a long while I just randomly made a plush simply because I wanted to - and it was awesome ^_^
I love him! 

Link Pony in Flutter Brutter by meplushyou 


Link is made of minky fabric. His eyes and cutiemark are machine embroideredy by me.
His feet are filled with plastic poly pellets, making him floppy and slightly poseable. 
His body pattern is loosely based on Voodoo-Tiki's beanbag plush (minus the darts); the rest of him is my own pattern. His head is my brand new stallion head! I hadn't actually made a stallion for ages; the last one was Shining Armor from back in 2014!
I've used a new style of ears on him, with a bit more shape. I think I'll keep using this form now on ^_^

For work in progress:

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So cute! Great job.
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Oh yeah, you did it! I was also wtf when he walked through.
That's a great way of fan service.
You got him so well, cute little guy! Those spontaneous projects are the most fun,isn't it.
Tomorrow I start our little thingy :-)
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I know right! MLP is really focussing on pleasing their fans lately it seems.

Thank you ^_^ I had a lot of fun working on him, very spontaneous decision indeed. I was thinking of making him and my boyfriend even convinced me to go through with it - he was all excited about it too.

~I've made a testpattern and I'm going to work on the actual thing this Sunday :D
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When I saw the still picture for the first time, I had just then noticed he was carrying a wagon full of rupees. LOL!
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Teehee, MLP is pretty great at easter eggs xD I hope they sneak in more crossovers this season.
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It really looks great!
For some reason I totally missed him in the episode, but thankfully the internet is always there to help. :-)
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Thank you!
I did see him the first time, but had to rewind to make sure it was really Link ^^ that cart of rupees though :')
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Looks amazing!
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awesome work! I had NO idea he was a background pony. Must watch the episode again! :D!! What a treat to see this made ^^ very well done. :) 
meplushyou's avatar
He's about half way, for a second or so xD I saw him right away, paused it and went back to check if it was really him x3
Anyways, thanks! <3
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awesome.  ^^ Thanks for the tip and I did the very same thing so thanks again, and you're quite welcome :) 
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I was so exited when i saw him in the episode, i cant wait for more Link pony fanart and plushies :love:
meplushyou's avatar
Same here! More link pony fan art! Zelda Link GIF 
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i want me(link) sooooo bad!
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So cute my boyfriend would love it! He is a huge fan of Legend of Zelda. I'm also trying to get him a bit more into MLP as well.
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Thanks! I know, this is such a great combination isn't it? MLP and Zelda ^_^ I hope they'll use him more. 
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How does Epona factor in?
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His design looks a lot like Epona, doesn't it? I love his canon look!
htrevor28's avatar
Same here, but I meant does this mean he still rides Epona or what?
meplushyou's avatar
Ooh.. wait a minute. O_O
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