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Life sized Twilight Sparkle plush

By meplushyou
Here she is, my first life sized plushie!
Twilight is a whopping 130cm (~51 inches) from hoof to hoof when laying down. 

This was such an awesome project to work on and I'm thrilled with the result!

I developed a new laying pattern for her first, in a much smaller scale. (Oh, PS: I now have a new laying pattern available for commissions ^^) After a few versions I was happy with it, and scaled it up to life size!
Her eye and cutiemark embroidery barely fit into my largest hoop. For the cutiemark I went with minky applique, to make it extra soft. She contains to wires or pellets and she's super cuddly.
She weighs 4.3kg.

I had a local customer who could pick her up in person, which was great! (No need to worry about shipping xD)

I'll be happy to take commissions for this size by the way, but I can only ship within Europe. Updating my pricelist soon! I'll be offering a 100cm version of this pattern aswell, which is a slightly smaller size that I can actually ship worldwide. 


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The ultimate brony status symbol

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Haha I guess so! ^^

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this looks better than anything commercial! I usually don't like life sized ponies cause they can be a bit creepy/dodgy but this one looks soft and wholesome <33 (also holy hell thats a lot of fabric)
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Thanks so much!
I get what you mean xD I'm glad my Twi looks better to you :3
And oh yes, it was well over 4 yards/meters for this gal, a medium sized pony is usually only about half a meter XD
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idk if you want to, but could you explain a little what the process of making the eyes look like that? there's a colour blend, its really big, and im just interested if you made and dyed the whole thing by hand. I really struggle how to make eyes on my own plushies lol.
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When I did my first test for a life sized eye, I used applique (some satin type fabric to give the eye a nice shine), but I didn't really like the look of it. I also felt like the fabric would scratch/get damaged quite easily.
I ended up pretty much using the same embroidery technique for life sized, as I do for regular sized plush. I changed two things: 1) More stabilizer (because the embroidered area is super large!) and 2) no satin stitches (just fill stitches). The colour blend was airbrushed on!
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She's in a league of her own.
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If so i would love to have a qoute,cause i am highly interested :) 
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Would you ever do these sizes for anthros? (Like 120 cm orso)
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I would! Feel free to send over a DM for a price quote. 
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I will send you one now :) 
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Omg yes! I'd love to make one <3
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Next I meant if she wants
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Very well made and pretty adorable! :3
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you sell patterns? 
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Nope! Not at the moment. 
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ok thank. i would really like to make my own just dont know how to design patterns. 
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There's a lot of great patterns out there, both free and paid. 
If you're looking for pony patterns I highly recommend ValleyViolet's: (it's what I started out with personally!)
If you want some free and simple patterns, check out
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I bet it cost more than my house
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Haha I'm sure it's not -that- bad :P unless you live in a box xD
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