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Cherry Jubilee Plush Purse

My little Pony: Friendship is magic Cherry Jubilee plushie!

She's made of minky; her eyes and cutie marks are machine embroidered with my own design. Her eyelashes are "3D", though they are covered by her hair xD
She's stuffed with fiberfill and has plastic pellets in her feet to stand well. She has a removeable scarf, also made out of minky.

Her body pattern is based on the lovely pony pattern by valleyviolet and modified by me to make her into a spacious bag with a zipper in her back. The rest of her is my own pattern.

She has a removeable strap, so she can be used as a purse as well as a plushie!

Oh my, this girl was a challenge! Her hair used up so much time and fabric! It's actually made out of 4 different hair pieces put together, plus embroidered hairband. I'm so proud of her, but also very glad she's finally done!
This plush purse was another Etsy commission and is not for sale.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about her.

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My Little Pony® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc. I am not affiliated with Hasbro - this is fan art Cherry 3 
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I bet pinkie purse would be magically filled with confettis
meplushyou's avatar
Haha! Everytime you open it.. Endless magical confetti! pinky pie party canon emoticon 
jyroman53's avatar
She's fantastic. I would take her everywhere. XD
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks so much! ^^
Valzed's avatar
Wow.:jawdrop:  This is amazing. I've seen other plushies but never a purse before. That's brilliant. I'm blown away. Now I'm trying to imagine a Twilight version. Truly stunning. I'm gobsmacked. You're very talented & creative to think of something like this. Wow. Worship 
meplushyou's avatar
Thank you so much! Tight Hug I really appreciate your comment!
And hah, I guess I'll have to make a twily purse sometime ^^
PistachioInfernal's avatar
She looks incredible, you should be proud of your work :heart:
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks so much Tight Hug 
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Prisma-neko's avatar
My god!
This is gooorgeous! I am loving that graceful glance. ;y;
I reallllyyy look up to you when it comes to plushies. ;u;
ohmy. I really want to commission you a little purse when you're open *v*
I'll keep on lookingggg! <333
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks so much, that really means a lot! *hugs*
moggymawee's avatar
wowies!  this is truly amazing!!!  you did a beautiful job on her hair/tail!!!  you must be so proud!!!  and I love how she's a spacious bag!!!  that's so ingenious hehe.  Well done!
meplushyou's avatar
Thanks so much! Tight Hug  I am, haha ^^ Her hair was a lot of work but I'm very happy with the result!
Next up is Trixie - tbh I'm glad I'll be working on a pony with much simpler hair now xD
DeadParrot22's avatar
Very nice job on her hair and tail!  =)
meplushyou's avatar
SiamchuchusPlushies's avatar
Yes, the mane and tail. Great work of art!
meplushyou's avatar
RubioWolf's avatar
amazing job with the mane and tail! 
meplushyou's avatar
Thank you and thanks for the fav ♡
The-12th-Doctor86's avatar
Oh my god she looks adorable!
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