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Angel bunnies

I made a few of these for GalaCon and later for HWcon. The angry one got the most love from everyone xD I'll probably make some more for this year's GalaCon!

Made of minky fabric with machine embroidered details.

Pattern is a slightly adjusted verion of kiashone 's ITH pattern. Get it here:…
I ended up making my own embroidery files because I don't trust my machine with anything else xD
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Would you ever sell these on your store? :c I would love to have these as soon as possible
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Yes, I'm planning on selling them in my Etsy shop soon ^_^ which expression do you like the most?
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I love all three of them X3 It is very hard to just pick one.  The " O.O " expression and the grumpy one <3

(Angel Bunny overall makes a ton of cute expressions through out the show...he is just....too adorable <3)
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Gasoline? Check!
Flamethrower? Check!
Dragon Breath Shotgun? Check!

Lets do this shit.
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Hahaha, poor bunnies xD (tbh it would be hilarious to set one of these on fire.. hm)
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Let's ask Littleshy, he seem to be keen on the destruction of plushies and EQG dolls.
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But he is a bunny! You cannot do this, to this cute little bunny!

 Use this   GDI Ion Cannon by bobjoe275
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Oh yes! I'll at least do it painless. Just zap and bam. Done!
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These are adorable and they really meet his likeness! You don't really see a lot of Angel plushies and it's nice to see someone outside the standard pony cast
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Thank you very much! It's always fun to work on a character that doesn't have a lot of plushies yet. 
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Thanks as always <3
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Teehee xD Don't trust the adorable looking ones
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One is evil Bonnie and another one is evil Bon Bon and other one is evil Bonnet.
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