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Phobia sat on the floor; he quietly wrapped up his arm, hiding the holes. Near him sat Bittersweet, who was grooming her son, Dreamweaver.

“Phobia?” Ecucu knocked on his door, “Have you seen Dream?”

Phobia glances up, before hiding his non bandaged up arm behind himself,” Yeah, he’s in here. What’s that to you?!”

Ecucu comes in, “I would like to have him back soon, and it’s almost night time.” He notices him hiding his arm. “What are you doing?”

Phobia glares,” Who cares?? Dream is right over there. Take him and get out of my room.” Ecucu stepped back, “S-Sorry, didn’t mean to bother you.” Ecucu kneels down and picks up Dream. “Well, thanks,” He carries Dream out and leaves.

Bittersweet looks over at Phobia, before getting up. She mews at him, then climbs into his lap and rolls onto her back. Phobia glances down at her, before scratching her behind her ear. “Hey Bitter.” He sighs, moving his unbandaged arm out. Bitter reaches up and licks his hand, before stretching out, her claws extended.

Phobia smiles slightly, rubbing her belly, before starting to wrap up his other arm.


Phobia looks up as Devil’s Train slipped into the room through the window. He drops his hat and slips out from his gear. Phobia moves a hand out and pets Devil.

Devil lightly purrs as he lazily slumps onto the bed, shaking his fur out. Phobia shakes Bittersweet awake. “Bitter, can you go make sure every pokemon who are not nocturnal are asleep? Then check up by the gate?” Bitter rolls off him, standing up. She stretches, her wings open and smack Phobia in the face as she harshly flaps them.

Devil giggles softly, as Phobia shoves Bitter’s wings away. “Careful Bitter!! I don’t want to go blind from that!” Bitter folds her wings in and glares at Devil, before hopping onto the bed, and out the window.

Phobia slowly climbs up into his bed and laid back. Devil slowly climbed onto his chest and curled up. Phobia yawned; he puts his hand on Devil, quietly petting him as his candle burned out.

Everything grew dark, as Phobia drifted off to sleep.

“Sir, are you okay?”

He finds himself in the snow; frozen winds blew his coat around as he struggled to remain conscious. His eyes slowly drifted up, seeing a man standing above him.
“Sir, y-you’re head...”

His head…? Phobia quietly moves his hand to his head. He could feel a wet warmth fill his hand. Blood

“Majesty!! Crossbones! Help me get him out from here!”

He felt himself get picked up by someone, as he is wrapped up in what may have been  blanket, or just another cape. He struggled, opening his eyes to see a strange man, shorter than him, but…

He awakens, Bittersweet returns from her trip, sitting down and offers Phobia something. Phobia blinked, reaching and taking it. “Huh…well thank you…” he opens it, finding that it was a letter. He glances at Bittersweet, “Could you come a little closer? I’d like to read this…”

 Bittersweet nods, doing as told, her flames illuminated the room.

“Wake up, I will need you to see late at night…to shine so brightly, but to lose no fight,” he stops. “Did you steal this?”

Bittersweet looks away, nervous. She tries to motion to him that she was digging through the garbage.

Phobia glares at her,” You have to sleep outside then…you shouldn’t be digging through trash! You know that!!”

Bittersweet’s ears laid back, as she slowly headed to the window. Phobia turns the letter over and notices his name written on it. “….” Bittersweet flies out before he could stop her.

Phobia sat in the darkness, before putting the letter on the nightstand. “I’ll look through it in the morning.”


A strange thumping noise echoes, Phobia looks around, confused. “W-What is this…? What’s going on?” He steps back, trying to figure out what was going on. “I-Is there…” he quietly stops,” no, someone isn’t coming towards me, but this noise…sounds more like a heartbeat..” He blinked, before closing his eyes and shaking his head,” I’m asleep, that’s it, just, asleep, I’m..dreaming..” he opens his eyes to find himself, laying with Aster, he quickly sits up, confused and scared. “W-What the?!” he stands up, “W-Why am I sitting next to her?? What’s going on??? I…” He sits down, rubbing his forehead, “Ngh…This isn’t normal…” He looks at her, seeing a large cut on her arm, bleeding out into the mud. “…??” He notices the mud turn to blood as panic surged through him, “W-What’s going on?!” He tries to stand up but hears a voice call out for help. His eyes dashed around, finding that Aster was gone as blood jumps out from the puddle, grabbing him and dragging him down and back into the puddle. He felt himself try to scream, before realizing that there was a cut going across his throat. Everything suddenly faded to white.

His eyes open, he finds that he had been dragging the blankets and parts of the bedding, off his bed and to him. He was in a cold sweat, gasping as if he had been strangled. “God damn I’ve just gone crazy…” he sits up, shoving the bedding and blankets away. “Why did I have a dream of Aster?? I don’t like her, and it doesn’t even connect with the other one.” Devil appears from under all the bedding. “Quilroak?” He snuggles himself deep in the blankets and purrs. Phobia climbs out of the bed, getting up and feel around trying to find the window. He stumbles and falls near it. “Shit..there it is,” he stands up and pushes the window open,” I could just be sick, fever dreams,” he puts is hand to his forehead, feeling the heat radiating from it.” Nugh.. Yeah…just a fever, not feeling any symptoms though, maybe dizziness, temporary Blindness? Can’t tell, it’s too dark.” He lists off some possibilities. “Maybe…ugh…. I need to go back to bed…”

He hears a knock at his door, “Hm, Ecucu??” Phobia looks back. The door opens, as Artzy comes in, the candle he held lit up the room from his side. “Hi Phobia, I had a nightmare.” Phobia blinked, before rolling his eyes. “Why not see with Andres about that, I’m not here to be your little psychologist.” Artzy shakes his head,” I think you got a dream that I should have gotten.”

Phobia grew silent for a moment,”…what do you mean,” Artzy shrugs,” sometimes I have vivid and weird dreams every Full moon.” He looks up,” I sometimes paint them, they sometimes are better than my usual art.”

Phobia blinked, confused,” You might just have fever dreams; I’ve got medication for that if you so need.”

Artzy blinks, before shaking his head,” You don’t understand.” He leaves, leaving the candle. Phobia blinked, before blowing out the candle. He sits down on his bed and laid back. Did he just have some sort of vision?



Morning came; Phobia carried Devil’s Train and Bittersweet to the carriage as he got prepared to travel to Viburn Woods. With him, helped Rae, who was gossiping with another woman who was watching them the whole time. Phobia glares over at the woman, “Hey, if you’re not going to help, leave us alone, we’re busy if you can’t see…” The woman blinked, before rolling her eyes, continuing on with her routine.

Rae glares at him, “There was no need to be rude to her, and she was only talking.”

Phobia grumbles, as Ecucu finally came out from the castle. Phobia looks over, and waves lightly, “We’re almost packed and ready to head off. We’ll inform you when we’re done.” He says, packing blankets into the back.

Ecucu shakes his head,” Phobia, I’ll be staying back; important matters have…well...Come up, Andres has no power in them so I’ll have to stay behind this trip.” He looked to the floor, “to make up for this, I’m having Rae go with you; this is just to ensure a selling of one of Majesty’s children.”

He glares at Ecucu with disappointment and rage. “And you care to only tell me now?? We’re only bringing the pokemon to their kingdoms! If this is the circumstances, I’d rather go by myself!!”

Ecucu stepped back, spooked, “W-Well you see P-Phobia…Y-You can’t go because—“ Rae interrupts him. “You can’t go by yourself since you think everything is fine, when in all reality it’s not and you’re too stubborn to realize you’re way over your head,” she answers for him. Ecucu nods, “Y-Yes…thank you Rae.”

Phobia lowly growls, before dropping whatever he was holding and stomped past them back to the castle. Bittersweet and Devil’s Train blinked, looking at Ecucu.

Ecucu sighs, looking at Rae,” If he’s not going to go, I’ll have Andres go with you,” Rae nods, “That’s be much preferred to be honest…”


Phobia slams the door to his room and sat on his bed, “I’m not stubborn! And I am not over my head in this!” he lays back.

Bittersweet appears at his window, carrying Devil with her. She pushes it open and drops Devil. Devil hisses at her, standing up and climbing onto the bed, climbing into Phobia lap for attention to try to cheer him up.

Phobia glares down at Devil,” not now, I’m not in the mood.” He growled, before lying on his side, shoving Devil off.

“If that dream was a vision, something shitty is going to happen, but if it was just a fever dream, then…fuck” He sighed, frustrated. Bittersweet and Devil look at each other, before Bitter grabs Phobia by his coat and tries to drag him off the bed. Phobia flails his arms and falls onto the floor. “ugh..Fuck off Bitter!” He gets up and leaves the room.

“Phobia,” Phobia stops, as he looks behind him, seeing Andres standing over him. “Shouldn’t you be down at the carriage?”

Phobia shakes his head,” I don’t want to put up with Rae the whole trip down there, besides, all we’re doing is transporting the Noibat and Deino. We aren’t going anywhere super dangerous.”

Andres nods, leaning against the wall,” So, You’d want to go alone? The areas that are unsettled don’t have anyone to protect you if you do get attacked. Well, besides Bittersweet and Devil.”

Phobia glares,”Well… shut up,” he looks at Andres,” besides, you should speak with your son, or adopted son, whatever. He’s coming to me about stupid things when he should be going to you.”

Andres tilts his head,” What is he going to you about??”

“He had ‘the wrong dream’’ and that  I had his dream. I think he’s having fever dreams.” Phobia moves his coat over him, “He should be seeing you about it though, not me.”

Andres nods,” yeah yeah, Rae can’t go alone though, I can’t go since I’ve got to asses your brother in his skills for tomorrow. You’re the only person free for today.”

Phobia glares at him,” this isn’t convincing me, we can just cancel the trip if it’s too difficult for everyone! I’d rather go alone then put up with Rae and her irritating puns and jokes!!!”

“Quit complaining, we can’t cancel now, and we can’t ask them to come over, Rae won’t go alone, and even if I have to knock you out, I am willing to do so…” Andres threatens

Phobia blinked, before grumbling to himself,” fine, fucking, fine, I’ll go,” He turns away,” just shut up and leave me alone now” He heads back to the carriage.

Hi Phobia
bye Phobia
This was just something mini I wanted to write to lead up to a random RP me and MarbleSplotch were having for no reason--

Word Count: 1928 Words | No Misspellings
Evolutions: N/A
Moves: N/A
Bittersweet [Alchimized Fire+ Flying+ Litleo/Ducklett] 1928 Wordss, No Mispellings/Grammar
Devil's Train [Alchimized Fighting Quilava/Zorark] 1928 Wordss, No Mispellings/Grammar
© 2015 - 2022 MephiNo
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Word Count: 1928

Bittersweet gained 12 HP, 27 Attack, 5 Defense, 21 Sp. Attack, 15 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Bittersweet has earned 90 stat points! Bittersweet gained 18 levels!

Devil's Train gained 6 HP, 14 Attack, 10 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 14 Sp. Defense, 24 Speed.
Devil's Train has earned 75 stat points! Devil's Train gained 15 levels!

Trainer earned 189 Trinities.