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Phobia Nighten The Banished Mage

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Yeah, Via getting too angry and lashing out, Phobia ended up getting a convict mark and got kicked out from the castle and from being a mage
isn't that just lovely?
He is sort of running between two kingdoms now, but his end place will most likely be Viburn, to stay with his QURRRRRRRL

Pokemon | Species:
Ditzle [Dragonair/Krokorok] Partial Body, Color, NPC
Character | NPC/PC/Leader:
Phobia Nighten [PC] Fullbody, Color

Name: Phobia Rozsądny Nighten

Age: 19

Birthdate:  17th of Giratinious, 42 RN

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual (...He's Cuddlesexual, he don't wanna do the do, but he does want to cuddle)

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 149 Lbs

Religious Belief: N/A [However, he will often say "For Reshiram's Sake" or refer to reshiram when he's annoyed. It's a strange habit of his, despite him not giving a shit]

Ethnic: White

Species: Hooman


Kingdom: Viburn Woods and Tairgire Riocht [He's going back and forth between them]

Job: Personal Mage for Aster, Somewhat personal assistance to Ivan

Personality: Cruel for the most part. Phobia most often is not the nicest person, as he keeps himself reserved and hidden from most. When brought out, he’s aggressive and hateful towards most. He often remains away from social events, and is only seen if the event is grand enough. Rarely will he ever warm up to people, if he does, it’s usually for a different intention then what’s expected, such as info.

More recently, he's been forced to put up with his brother more, so his patience meter is LOW

Pokémon of Ownership:


BitterSweet [Fire+ Flying+ Alchemized Ducklett/Litleo/Vaporeon] Supporting Pokemon [Does important tasks, such as delivering things, defending him, ect]

Devil’s Train [Fighting Alchemized Zoura/Cyndaquil] His cuddlebutt Pokemon

Ditzle [Krokorok/Dragonair] Starter [Works at Trauma Support, but mostly stays By Phobia's side now]

Hylo [Dark Alchemized Rattata] Personal Assistant [Personal Gift from Aster tooooo]

Monty [Bug/Steel Alchemized Litleo] Assistant of the Assistant, Second Shoulder Pokemon wow

Ignitious [Ice/Ghost Alchemized Cyndaquil] Wanderer, Once a Mage Team pokemon, Phobia doesn't really require him to have to save lives. For now, he just wonders and watches Phobia to make sure he's okay.

Sage [Deviant Goodra] Maid, She generally cleans up after Phobia, though will help Ivan with anything, she's got extra hands too.

RiverDance [Alchemized Water+ Deino/Febas] For the most part, she's only owned by Phobia since her brother is owned by Aster, She just enjoys exploring and often goes out of Viburn, sometimes coming back with rare items.

Seashell [Raticate/Shellos] She tends to write up Letters for Nicadimous when it comes to delivering things, She's also Ditzle's lifemate so that's a thing

Mage Team

Thistle Whistle [Shiny Furfro] Digger for Underground Herbs

Reedle [Magikarp] Gathers and tends to plants and herbs that grow underwater

Hibiscus [Shiny Deerling] Translator, Often will keep Phobia and Ivan out of trouble when they're gathering herbs

Rosemary [Charmander/Cryogonal] Freezer, She tends to keep some items fresh, she's also a ass

Cade [Deviant Ghost Alchemized Chikorita/Snover] The Guide, He often Guides Phobia and Ivan around the forest, and knows the best places to garden and where rare herbs are. //He also loves Flowercrowns//

Nicadimous [Umbreon/Absol] Following Phobia to Viburn, He's still a Prescriber and Deliverer

Pokemon He needs for his Mage work [NOTE: None of these can be open flame Pokemon!]

Emotional Support
Sleep Inducer
Reviver [Has to be Electric]
Heater [Has to be Fire Type...or very warm and fluffy]
Emergency Unit
Organizer [Does Herbal Storage things]

Bio: Found in the Arctic, Phobia barely remembers what’s happened before. His name is assumed to be Phobia, as he couldn’t remember his own name. the best he did remember would have been that his name started with Ph.

When found, he had heavy head trauma. There is a scar, from his ear to the very edge of his cheek, which is most often covered by his hair. Looking over it, it can be assumed that it was most likely from what is assumed to be a Beartic.

Phobia does retain the ability to remember, however, he does not remember anything about his past, except some strange herbal knowledge. It is guessed that he was being trained as a healer of sorts, as he was knowledgeable in more complex herbal combinations and such.

Favorite Types: Dark, Fire, Fairy, Grass

Least Favorite Types: Everything else

Likes: tending to Gardens, reading/studying, testing different herbs. Seems to have a strange joy in beating things down....and loves cuddles, like, seriously, this guy can't sleep without cuddling someone, what a silly lil tit.

Dislikes: Talking to people, Often wants to get straight to the point. Well, scratch that, He just doesn't like people in general

Fears: Water

Strengths: ...Good at throwing very weird insults,

Weaknesses: has the strength of probably a 12 year old, Can't really swim for shit, Flails alot, has a weak immunity, so he gets sick REAL EASILY


Trypo Nighten [Twin Brother,Alive]

Diana Nighten [Younger Sister,Alive]




Father: Cedric Nighten [Deceased]

Mother: Darlene Nighten [IS ALIVE, Aaaannnnd took his place as Mage in Dainichi....thanks mom]

Weapon for Battle: Battle Axe

Secondary Weapon: Medical Scalpel


Aster: Ay you wanna go to bed and cuddle a lot? we don't need to fight until Sunhigh, and even then, AREN'T YOU PREGNANT????

Ivan: uh.....hi?

Ran: He's okay, I don't bother him

Warren: No //You're too cute, you tiny shit, stop it//

Lucas: Stay the fuck away from me

George: Andres why did you think this person was an okay thing

Andres: ...well you at least tried...also WHY ARE YOU SO TALL

Z: You're creepy, please remain 70 miles away from me

Rhea: //CoughcoughBitchcough//

Arthur: ....You're sensible at least

Samiel: I hope you choke on that bread

Tully: I'm so close to throwing this child out the nearest window I sWEAR

Trypo: Yes No, Uh.....Okay I guess?

Everyone Else: Fuck off

Health: fUCK

Notes/ Facts:

Strangely enough, has small, shallow holes all over his body, none of them reach muscle.

There's a burn scar on the center of his back, sign of a convict, lesson here kids, don't use battle axes, they cause damage

He and Aster ARE DATING....I think....I mean...they kiss, they cuddle, they do say they love each other, but they also seem to like fighting each other as well, silly bed wrestling, floor wrestling, knocking one out...then cuddling
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