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Moutains C

Man....moutains are bland

Explorer: Mephilesfanforsrb2
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Moutains
Items being Used: Soothebell, Dmitri's Drafts [Moutains]

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Pokemon | Species:
Sugar [Charmander/Fletchling/Deino] Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi Detailed BG
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed BG x1

Sugar gained 8 HP, 13 Attack, 4 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack.
Sugar has earned 27 stat points! Sugar gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 62 Trinities.

Common Reward
You found a(n) Delibird [Ability 2]. Would you like to take it home with you? If so please specify a gender.

You scavenged 1 Ink, 1 Orb, 1 Herb
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So Henrie
You wanted that rite
Punt it to FishBatDragonThing 
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MephiNo , the Pokemon has been placed in FishBatDragonThing 's inventory~
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I mean, yes?  But-  I can't take it without punting comments to SuperfluousStar , who is rockstarrrrr~