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JoJo posing GO

I decided it would be a good idea to draw pokemon Jojo posing
So this became that thing

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Becan [Chinchou/Buneary] Fullbody, Color, Shading [Owned by MarbleSplotch ]
Digby [Bunnelby] Fullbody, Color, Shading [Owned by MarbleSplotch ]
Vivian [Zoura/Pachurisu] Fullbody, Color, Shading [Owned by MarbleSplotch ]
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading

Becan gained 2 HP, 4 Attack, 2 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 10 Speed.
Becan has earned 22 stat points! Becan gained 4 level!

Digby gained 5 HP, 4 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense.
Digby has earned 22 stat points! Digby gained 4 level!

Vivian gained 9 HP, 5 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Vivian has earned 21 stat points! Vivian gained 4 level!

Trainer earned 106 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!

Gift Bonus!

Pokemon of Choice gained 3 HP, 2 Attack, 2 Defense.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 7 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 1 level!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.