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I got the driver on the tablet to work
I tried drawing with it
Sorry if he looks abit weird

Name: Andres Jason Osborn

Age: 38

Birthdate: 24th of Deoxious,  23 RN

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual, though likely straight

Height: Tall 7'01"

Weight: 295 Lbs (I can't really find the adverage for tall people so I'm just guessing with alittle more weight)

Religious Belief: Shaymin/ Shayminism

Ethinic: White

Personality: A mostly silent type, Andres does not speak to many people. it's most often a surprise if he does speak to someone, but it's most often if he has a question or request. He is not exactly shy, just somone of few words when it comes to his personal life. He's often seen as uncaring, or dull, as his voice is most often monotone.

Pokémon of Ownership:

Any pokemon from the Courtyard, is trained by Andres, He only doesn't train is Tlallasia


Vixen [Fennekin] The only Pokemon who survived all his previous wars

BubbleSpounge Pixie Stick [Shiny Azuirl/Fennekin]  A pokemon who had saved him in his last battle of his final war.

Elvira [Deviant Zoura/Fennekin/Meinfoo] A pokemon bought for him.

Bio: Born to a since destroyed old kingdom, Andres lived with his father, a once famous commander and chief of the knights. His mother had been hung for presumed witchcraft and murder after several guards disappeared after going to their house to interrogate the father. Andres lived a mostly quiet life, his father constantly tried to influence Andres to be like him, and join the knight's order.

Though lots of convincing and a small bit of bribery with the King, Andres was forcefully made a knight in training without his consent at the age of 6. From there, Andres's father remarries to Genevieve, who ends up convincing Walter to disown Andres at the age of 8 and move away to her home kingdom.

Devastated, and now homeless, Andres often slept under the Healer Room's paitiant bed and made little trins cooking in his spare time.

after a couple of years, Andres is finally knighted and is sent out to war with only a Charmander given to him to be his companion. 
Though he never did see combat his first war, he often hung back with the Generals, and gave suggestions on what to do, and where to go to next.
Though skeptical, the generals attempted some of his suggestions. Most of them ended in great success, impressing them.

His Kingdom ended up winning in favor of the war and he's brought back as a sort of hero, despite him never having fought.
The generals inform the queen of his tactics and how he helped the kingdom win the war. She responds with rapidly promoting Andres to be General of his own army, despite the lack of training for doing so. He ended up being one of the youngest generals, only having been 14 when he became one.

His Kingdom wages war once again only a month later, Andres finally saw combat and fought the best to his abilities. Within the battles however, Andres had been getting tired incredibly easily, and was forcing himself back only after a couple of attacks to rest. 

Due to this draw back, he's badly injured during the first battle and is forced to remain in the back lines for the rest of the war.

A healer examines him after tending to his wounds, but finds no issues, and brushes it off as him being out of shape.

Despite this, he still commands from the back lines. through his tactics, they manage to win the war again, and are praised as war heroes.


Favorite Types: Fire, Psychic, Fennekin....what is that not a type??

Least Favorite Types: Dark, Maybe water

Likes: Peace, Silence, Maaaybe reading, depends on the book. He is most often seen working though, it's kind of assume he likes working since he won't take a god damn break.

Dislikes: Wars, Fighting, the inability to take in more children, HE WANTS MORE, LET HIM HAVE MOOOORE.

Fears: Danichi going into War, Death of one of his adopted sons

Strengths: Tallness holy shit, Sterengh with a War Hammar, soft spoken

Weaknesses: His past tends to haunt him, which has led to unseen mental breakdowns. He's been getting more dizzy more often and has been having a bad tiiime.




Adopted Son Artzy

Adopted Son Samiel

Adopted Daughter: Lydia


Mother: Alora Osborn [Deceased, Hung]

Step Mother Genevieve Moody [Alive, Location unknown]

Father: Walter Osborn [Banished for War Crimes, Assumed Dead]

Weapon for Battle: War Hammar

Secondary Weapon: A slightly smaller War Hammar


Ecucu: Advisor of, neutral for the most part

Artzy: Adopted Son, Good boy, isn't a fukin energy volcano

Samiel: Apprentice/ Adopted Son, Who fed this kid fukin drugs jeSUS CALM DOWN

Anna: She's kind, and warm, and snuggly

Health: Heart Problems (Bradycardia) //wow I decided on a disease, isn't that fun?//

Notes/ Facts:

Sterile/Unable to have children


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Finished Art, Fullbody, Color, Word Count:480, Proper Grammar & No Mispellings

Pokemon of Choice gained 15 HP, 7 Attack, 4 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 2 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 30 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 6 levels!
Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

Trainer earned 26 Trinities.
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I'll apply the levels to Eternal Mother
Also, I noticed Andres was put under NPC, he is however, a PC, I forgot to specify and I apologize.
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