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Andres threw over the last of the bags over Moonstone, “There…” He sighed, patting Moonstone’s snout. “Will you be able to carry all this plus the injured?”

Moonstone nods, moving his head up to see crowds of people gathering outside. Andres looks to Darlene, “Get the wounded onto Moonstone’s back, he’ll take care of it.”

Darlene nods and disappears into the crowd, Z watched, before joining Andres’s side. “Do you have any strong flying types that can fly around Dainichi? I can send out a letter to Arthur as a request for help and--”

Andres moves his hand up to silence him. “All our strong flyers are either injured or taken, We can’t send any messages out until they’re healed. For now, we won’t get help until then.” He sighs, “And don’t send your Hoot-Hoot...It’s too dangerous for such a small bird.”

Z glared, “Tyler is trained well enough to fly long distances.”

Andres turns away, “Then send him, if you have such faith in the pokemon, then go ahead.”

Z blinked, before nodding, re entering the castle.

Darlene returns, several of her pokemon carried out the sick and injured. Cherry, one of her pokemon, assisted a limping Samiel towards Moonstone.

“H-Hey Andres,” Sam smiled, moving away from Cherry. Cherry’s ear fluff lifts, as Samiel shoos them, “Go get others, I’ll be fine!”

Cherry nods, heading back in. Samiel cheerfully slumps against Andres,” I’m walking better now! M-Maybe we can chase those bad guys off and--”

Andres shakes his head, “No, get on Moonstone now.”

Samiel stared, frowning, “B-But look! I can walk without that stick!” He drops the crutch and limps to Moonstone, “See?”

Andres forces Samiel onto Moonstone. “Stay.” He turns and heads back into the castle.

Samiel was left in silence as more pokemon carefully tossed the injured and weak onto Moonstone’s back.

People silently pushed through the woods, entering the plains. Sam laid back, looking up at the sky, the clouds seemingly shifting and morphing as Moonstone carefully slithered out from the trees and into the outer plains.

A small voice distracts him from the clouds; Sam’s ears lift as he sits up. Artzy quickly jumped onto Moonstone and climbed up to Samiel, “Hey Sam! Dad said to keep you company until we get to Mizumi.”

Samiel grins, his tail wagged, “Oh, great!” He jams his hand into his pocket, his hand shuffled around. “..oh shoot,” His ears lowered, “I forgot that book in my….” He soon realized. “...A-A-Arrrtzyyyy? I-I forgot Andres’s book thing in my room at the capital!!” He slowly began slipping off Moonstone, “Can you cover me until I get it? I don’t wanna get in trouble for ‘borrowing’ it !”

Artzy nods, pushing him his crutch, “I’ll say you moved up if Da’ asks about you!”

Samiel lands down on the ground, his crutch lands behind him. He glances back at the stick, “...I’ll be fine without it.” He quickly limps back into the forest.

“We’re only going to follow them Ipcus, If they’re going to stop at the mountain city, we’ll have make sure to mark it for Wicked and Rage.” Crossbones slithered himself around several trees.

Samiel’s ears lifted to the noise of hissing. He presses himself against a tree, trying to hide.

“Yeah yeah, I got it. What if we find any stragglers? Can we brutally murder them?” Ipcus scuttled across the grass of the forest.

Crossbones hisses down at Ipcus, “No. No deaths by order of Rabbit and Rage, remember?”

Ipcus hisses, baring her fangs, “We’ve heard nothing from Rabbit, all from Rage! You’re second in command! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL ANY STRAGGLERS!”

Crossbones slams his tail against Ipcus, “ Enough with this attitude! You’re lucky we’ve not been able to communicate with Rabbit recently, otherwise, Your body would just be a fur coat for Rage.”

Ipcus growls, before begrudgingly continuing to follow.

The two pokemon pass Samiel, Sam held a small blade near his chest, his breath was held. As the two pokemon seemed to disappear into the trees, Samiel cautiously stepped out from behind the tree, looking back. “...I wonder what they’re talkin’ ‘bout….” He looks towards the Capital, “...” his grip on the dagger tightens, an unfamiliar rage consumed him.

“They did that, didn’t they…” Samiel turns to where the two pokemon were heading, dashing forward.

Ipcus’s ears lifted, turning her head, “CROSSBONES! DUCK!”

Crossbones’s hood opens, as he ducks his head; Samiel crashes into the leaves.

Ipcus bared her fangs, “A knight! Rid him! Rid him!!” She shouted, jumping at Samiel. She bites Sam’s arm, her fangs growing uncontrollably hot as Samiel screamed bloody murder.

Crossbones growls, about to join the attack, before a sudden force sends him flying back into a tree. Ipcus lets go, her ears lifted, “...?!” She jumps off Samiel as Andres stepped in the way.

Samiel slowly uncovered his face, looking up. “A-Andres?”

Andres doesn’t dare glare down, “Samiel head back to the group, now!”

Samiel tries to scramble to his feet, “ B-But Dad!”

Andres shoves Samiel back, “Away!”

Ipcus scutters to Crossbones, before growling. Her fur grew longer as she suddenly took on change. She grew larger, fingers tear out from those small black bug things.

“Typloercerona!” Her large wings flap as she stepped back. Her fangs bared as she suddenly dashes forward, headbutting Andres and tossing him back.

Samiel’s tail swayed, getting up, “H-Hey! Don’t you dare--”

One of Ipcus’s hands grabs Samiel by his neck, slamming him against a tree. Samiel cried out and squirmed, kicking his legs against Ipcus.

Andres stands up, disoriented. He glares at Ipcus, before picking up his war hammer, “Let go Ipcus…” He prepared a swing.

Ipcus glares over at Andres, her grip on Samiel tightens.

Samiel choked as Andres growled, he stepped closer as he swung.

Ipcus catches the stone head with two of her hands and pulls it away from him quickly.  She drops Samiel and pushes Andres back.

Andres growls, grabbing Ipcus by her fur and slams her down. Ipcus’s wings flutters as she headbutts Andres into a tree, her horns harshly bash his face. Samiel coughs, slowly getting up, “H-Hey!” He tries to stop Ipcus, jumping onto her,” Stop it!”

Ipcus knocks Samiel off her back and kicks him away from her. She watches as Andres collapses, unconscious. “...” A twisted grins crosses her face as she puts her foot on Andres, kicking him over.  She playfully hopped the hammer between her four hands, before twirling it and slamming it leg several times with great force.

Samiel’s ears lift to the sound of snapping. He sits up quickly, seeing Ipcus toss the hammer away. Ipcus silently glares at Samiel. “....” She bares her fangs, flames formed around her as a flare blitz formed.

Samiel gets up quickly, “G-Get away!” He took out his dagger, panicking. Ipcus points her finger to Samiel, as the flames around her jet straight at him.

Samiel flinches, covering his face.


Samiel opens his eyes,” …?” His ears lifted as he grinned, “Alice!”

Alice stood in the way of Samiel, she had put out the Flare Blitz. She spouts out pulses of water from her mouth, forcing Ipcus back.

Ipcus bares her fangs, stepping over Andres and grabs Crossbones. Her wings spread open as she flies up and away.

Samiel grins, and picks up Alice,” You did it!” He giggled, dropping her and goings to Andres’s side. “Hey Andres! I did it! I...Andres?” He shakes Andres. “...Alice, g-get Darlene please!”

Alice nods and runs off, Samiel stayed beside Andres.

“....” He noticed a small sparkle near the tree. He scoots over and takes it, “....” His ears flickered

It was a coin, heads side up.

Lmao bye Andres

Word Count: 1270
Correct Spelling & Grammar? Yes???

Pokemon and Link to Reference: Quilava/Larvesta to Typhlosion/Volcerona
Types: Fire/Bug
Requirement: Level 59/ Level 35


Andres [PC] 1270 Words

Samiel [PC] 1270 Words [ FishBatDragonThing ]

Ipcus [Quilava/Larvesta-Volcarona/Typlosion] 1270 Words


Crossbones [Deviant Arbok] 374 words

Moonstone [Deviant Steelix] 324 Words

© 2016 - 2022 MephiNo
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Crossbones and Andres got DUNKED ONnnnNNNNN...  x'D  oh lord.

Word Count: 1270, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Andres) gained 19 HP, 5 Attack, 17 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 16 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice (Andres) has earned 68 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Andres) gained 13 levels!
Andres's form change has been confirmed!

Word Count: 1270, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Sam) gained 9 HP, 7 Attack, 14 Defense, 19 Sp. Attack, 12 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice (Sam) has earned 61 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Sam) gained 12 levels!

Word Count: 1270, PC

Ipcus gained 3 HP, 18 Attack, 26 Defense, 13 Sp. Attack, 7 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Ipcus has earned 75 stat points! Ipcus gained 15 levels!
Ipcus's evolution has been confirmed!

Word Count: 324, PC

Crossbones gained 4 HP, 5 Sp. Attack.
Crossbones has earned 9 stat points! Crossbones gained 1 level!

Word Count: 374, PC

Moonstone gained 4 Attack, 4 Speed.
Moonstone has earned 8 stat points! Moonstone gained 1 level!

Trainer earned 408 Trinities.
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Throwing Sam's levels at Knightlite because dayum.
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Tossing these levels to Summers Long Past