A Quest in the Alpines Ch 7

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“I thought we spit up for a reason.” Crossbones hisses towards BitterSweet. She simply rolls her eyes,” We did, we’re just both on the same path to the mountains.” She explained. Her clarification didn’t help Crossbone’s pissy attitude as he hissed angrily in response. In the back, Majesty stayed by Monolia and Crystalized Dreams. He attempted to remain as far away  from Axel and Crossbones.

“…Soooo, Manolia, how has the Artist Boy been?” Monolia turns her head to him, “Monolia, not Manolia. And he’s doing fine.” She continues. Majesty tilts his heads. “Does it really matter? You know I’m calling your name!” Monolia stops and glares at him, “Yes it does actually. I rather have respect then to be constantly called, and feel insulted by people caring not what my name is, just as long as it starts with M, and ends with Olia, It must be me, doesn’t it?! No! It’s Monolia! Not Magnolia! Not Manolia! Not even Mraviolia!” She stops her foot down, hissing at Majesty. Majesty moves his head down in submission. “Sorry Ma—I mean, Monolia.”

“Magnolia!” Bittersweet called from the front. Monolia grumbled, she walked forward, with the rest of her group following. “I want you to start heading up the mountains. If you encounter any danger, me, Crossbones, and Majesty will be down here to assist if needed.”

Monolia only nods, as she starts the long trek up the mountains. She is followed by Axel and Crystalized Dreams.

Majesty slowly walked to the front, glaring over at Crossbones with dismay, “Can’t I just follow the other group?” he asks, distracting himself with Bittersweet to ignore Crossbones. Bittersweet shakes her head, “We need plenty of strength down here, because otherwise the Pokémon could get away!” Her wings flung open to a growl. Majesty grumbles, following as they found a good place to camp.


“…They’ve been up there for quite a while,” Majesty looks up. “Maybe they got eaten,” Crossbones tried to supply an answer. Bittersweet growls at them both,” they’ve just not found anything. It takes a while to find a Pokémon you know!” She folds her wings back in and look ahead. “Just stay focused.”

Majesty sighed, “Well, I’m just kind of worried right now…” he complained. Crossbones glare at him, “And honestly, neither of us care.” Majesty hisses at Crossbones, “I wasn’t talking to you…” Crossbones snorts, “And why does that matter Mr. Prissy Pants, What do you care for who answers your question or random words and who doesn’t?!” He snaps at him.

Bittersweet’s ears fold in annoyance, “Enough arguing.” Neither of the large Pokémon listened.

“I never even asked a question!” Majesty argued

“And I said random words! I never said you were asking a question!” Crossbones retorted back. He slams himself against Majesty, causing him to fall over.

Majesty roars, “Alright that’s it!!!” He tackles Crossbones to the ground and bites his back. Crossbones struggled to fight back against the large beast. His fangs bit Majesty’s wing.

As the two fought, the shadow flew past them and up towards the snow of the mountains.


Monolia, followed by Axel and Dreams, find each other deep in the snow. Monolia struggled to trudge through, as it had reached up to her neck. Dreams however had managed to get on top of the snow, but lightly, and slowly, walked with them. Axel sat on top of Dreams, not wanting to dare touch the cold snow.

“This isn’t water,” Axel complained. Dream looks at him, “its frozen water, in small tiny flakes.” She looks at Monolia, “Need any help Manolia?” Monolia stops and glares at Dreams, “For the last time, it’s MONOLIA!!” She roared.

Her roar echoed through the mountains. Axel looked around, feeling suddenly afraid as a new roar is heard in response. A shadowy Pokémon appears, a gigantic Shiny Deviant Druddgion/Dragonite. He growls, landing down as Axel hugged Dreams in fear, “W-What is that?!”

Monolia turns quickly, “Our Druddgion!” She attempts a dragon rage, but misses, falling to the snow. The Druddgion chimera grabs her and throws her down the mountain…

At the base, Bittersweet struggled to break up the battle between Majesty and Crossbones,” stop fighting!! We need to be paying attention!!”

Majesty slams Crossbones to the ground, “why are you like this?! Why do you hate me so?!” Crossbones hisses at him, his rattle shook as he struggled. Majesty readies his fangs, before the Druddgion chimera interrupts them. Monolia crashes into Majesty, with her, ran Dreams and Axel. Bittersweet roars, her voice echoed to the camp, where everyone was now waiting. The druddgion chimera slams her out of the way and to the ground. Crossbones slithers back up, hissing loudly as he tried to intimidate the chimera to back off and run away. The Druddgion bares his fangs, in threat to attack and kill him. Its claws glow as it lunged forward. Majesty sees this sudden action and roars, “Stop it!!” He jumps in front of the chimera, taking the hit. The druddgion leaves large scars over Majesty’s mouth as he growled. “Step back now!!” he roars, his wings opened in threat. Majesty was much larger than the Pokémon, which, in turn, was much more powerful. The druddgion growls, he prepares a vicious bite, before seeing Crossbones backing Majesty up, His raddle shaking vigorously. Backing off, The Druddgion looked towards the mountains, before opening its wings and flies off. Bittersweet groans in pain, slowly getting up,”…” She looks over at Majesty and Crossbones,” lets head back, we need to make sure everyone is okay.” She limps toward the forest.

Crossbones looked down, grumbling as he nudged Axel and Dream, “Follow her…” he hisses at them. They both, frightened, run ahead of the group. Majesty picks up Monolia and carries her on his back; he walks to the side of Bittersweet. “So, I suppose this exploration was a failure, wasn’t it?” he asks. Bittersweet vaguely nods. “I suppose so, but, everyone should be getting out of this alive, and if that’s the case…”

“It’s all I care about”

Oh, there's the Druddgion

Explorer: MephilesfanforSRB2
Type of Exploration: By Type
Type -or- Biome: Dragon
Items being Used: Dmitri's Drafts [Alpine]

Characters: N/A
Word Count: 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Evolutions: N/A
Moves: N/A
Name | Species-
BitterSweet [Flying/Fire Alchimized Litleo/Ducklett] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Majesty of Colors [Rock Alchimized Deviant Chatot/Hydregion] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Skull and Crossbones [Deviant Arbok] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Monolia [Deino/Togepi] [Mispelling of name is intentional] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Crystalized Dreams [Vulpix/Amaura] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
Axel [Water Alchimized Mudkipp/Ralts] 1007 Words | No Mispellings
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Word Count: 1007

Bittersweet gained 7 HP, 9 Attack, 3 Sp. Attack, 9 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Bittersweet has earned 38 stat points! Bittersweet gained 7 level!

Majesty Of Colors gained 4 HP, 5 Attack, 14 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Majesty Of Colors has earned 37 stat points! Majesty Of Colors gained 7 level!

Skull And Crossbones gained 9 HP, 5 Attack, 8 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 17 Speed.
Skull And Crossbones has earned 46 stat points! Skull And Crossbones gained 9 level!

Monolia gained 8 HP, 5 Attack, 16 Defense, 5 Sp. Defense, 5 Speed.
Monolia has earned 39 stat points! Monolia gained 7 level!

Crystalized Dreams gained 6 HP, 7 Attack, 10 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 13 Sp. Defense.
Crystalized Dreams has earned 38 stat points! Crystalized Dreams gained 7 level!

Axel gained 6 HP, 18 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 6 Speed.
Axel has earned 39 stat points! Axel gained 7 level!

Trainer earned 323 Trinities.

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