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The lush landscape of the alpines stretched before the small group of Pokémon.  Majesty watched, bobbing his head,” are you sure this is a good idea?” he asks, glancing at his smaller companion. BitterSweet nods, “We’re out to find dragons.” She explained, before looking back at all of them.” Everyone, we’re on a mission, just as I said to Majesty I’ll say to you. We’re here to find dragons, what kind of dragons you may ask? Well, Druggion mostly. But you all know our mission. If we come across another dragon, or items related to the dragon, don’t touch them. If they offer to join us, allow them to until we get back to our main camp, got it?” She asks, her tail swayed. The small group nods in agreement. Bittersweet jumps up onto a rock to make sure everyone could hear her.

“We’re going to split ourselves into groups, I’ll assign those I see fit, you cannot challenge me or my decisions.” She opens her wings, “As I call your names, I will want you to come forward. From there, I’ll assign you, and whoever else I called, to an area of this place.” She begins.

“Axel, Manolia, and Crystal.” She calls out. A smiling Mudkipp/Ralts, annoyed Vulpix/Amaura, and calm Deino/Togepi step up. Bitter looks down at them, “I want you three to search up by the snow in the mountains, with your light coats; it should be much harder for you to be spotted.” All three nod, one more reluctant then the other.

“Holly, Cherry, and Little Sister.” She calls out for them next. The group was quiet, before Little Sister bounded up happily beside the rock. Joining her was Cherry, and slowly from the crowd, slithered Holly. “You three will check out the lowland area that we’re in. With a Knight, things should be easier for you three.” Holly reaches them and happily nods,” will do.”

She sits down, thinking about the next group,” okay, Sinking Ships, Heaven, and Rage.” She next calls up. A digglet appears from under her,” reporting for duty,” he says excitedly. Heaven lands on top of Bitter as Rage hesitantly follows the group. Bitter shakes her head,” off me!” she growls. Heaven jumps off and floats down onto Rage’s head. “…right, All three of you will be assigned to the highland, chase down any Pokémon to the ground, and allow Sinking Ships to take care of it. All three nod, moving out of the way.

“Now, Eternal Mother, Pencil, Sketched Canvas,” She next calls out. A shiny deviant Purrlion joins up next to the rock, smiling warmly. A smergle shyly joins beside her as a fiery dragon Eevee lands next to them. “Okay, I want you three to look about in the forest, Sketched should be able to light the way, be careful though, no forest fires.” Sketched rolls his eyes,” you’re no fun at all.”

“SweetHeart and Mozart.” She next calls out, the small group looked at each other, worried as the two Pokémon came forward. “You two are going to explore the plain areas of this place. There shouldn’t be much, but you never know where these Pokémon hide.” She says. Sweetheart glares at Mozart, before angrily nodding, “Fine….”

“Manekineko, Moonlit Lady, and my brother” She calls out, though her tone sounded aggressive towards Manekineko. Manekineko happily skips up to the front of the group, “Present!” she happily calls out. A shiny litleo, Nasika, followed after. Moonlit followed up from the rear. Bitter’s ears laid back in annoyance,” You two check out the edge of the forest, make sure no Pokémon can escape until we’re done.” Manekineko nods happily,” Yes Madam!~” Moonlit Lady nods,” very well.”

She closes her wings,” and finally, Me, Skull and Crossbones, and Majesty of Colors will head out to the base of the mountains.”  Majesty’s feathered ruffled up, growling, “Why?!” Crossbone hisses in agreement,” I am not going to work with such a weak Pokémon like him!” Bitter growls, before roaring aloud,” I do not care for what you want! We are here to do a job, and not to hear your tears of anger or anguish!” She stomps on the rock, unsheathing her claws and dragging them across the rock.” Now, Silence, Everyone, Split up.” She growled, jumping down. Majesty blinked, before grumbling under his breath. Each group go their separate ways, each heading and exploring their part of the land.

Explorer: MephilesfanforSRB2
Type of Exploration: By Type
Type -or- Biome: Dragon
Items being Used: N/A

Characters: N/A
Word Count: 737 Words | No Mispellings
Evolutions: N/A
Moves: N/A
Name | Species-
Cherry [Aerodactyl/Swirlix/Venonat] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Holly [Grass Alchimized Goomy/Deino] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Little Sister [Deviant Trapinch] 737 Words | No Mispellings
SweetHeart [Deviant Glameow] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Mozart [Shiny Deviant Patrat] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Heaven [Beautifly/Swablu] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Sinking Ships [Digglet] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Rage [Shiny Eevee/Pidove] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Manekineko [Meowth/Chingling] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Moonlit Lady [Deviant Shiny Ledyba] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Nasika [Shiny Litleo] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Eternal Mother [Shiny Deviant Purrlion] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Pencil [Smergle] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Sketched Canvas [Dragon/Fire Alchimized Eevee] 737 Words | No Mispellings
BitterSweet [Flying/Fire Alchimized Litleo/Ducklett] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Majesty of Colors [Rock Alchimized Deviant Chatot/Hydregion] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Skull and Crossbones [Deviant Arbok] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Monolia [Deino/Togepi] [Mispelling of name is intentional] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Crystalized Dreams [Vulpix/Amaura] 737 Words | No Mispellings
Axel [Water Alchimized Mudkipp/Ralts] 737 Words | No Mispellings
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As per our rules for Literature, only the Pokemon that are included in at least 70% of the piece will be eligible to receive rolls. In this case, I'm afraid only Bittersweet is able to receive stat rolls. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Word Count: 737

Bittersweet gained 3 HP, 4 Attack, 7 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Bittersweet has earned 32 stat points! Bittersweet gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 49 Trinities.

Common Reward
You found a(n) Evolution Stone. Would you like to take it home with you?