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I have money...

By Mephiles99
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My cat seems to stare at every single peice of money he finds i think he wants to put it in my piggy bank...
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can someone give me 1 I'm broke 
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Aww! That's so cute!
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trade it in for BO2 x3
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This is how I feel about money.
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Sooo friggin cute~!
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I want to take the cat home!!! *w*
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Money! Get back! I'm alright Jack keep yer' hands offa' myyyyy stack!
Monayayayay!! It's a hit! Don't gimme that do goody-good bullshit!
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Your cat is wonderful :iconomgsocuteplz:
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Can I recommend an investments class for your cat? Funny stuff.
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he is probably trying to find out if he can use it against a dog....
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Or he's trying to activate his laservision and melt it down...
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