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Published: November 8, 2018

Hi all! :wave:
I went a little crazy trying to feature some faves from my folder, even though I'm so behind. :OverInternetGlomp: I'm doing my best, just so you all know, but I don't see myself being able to be more active anytime soon.So sorry  I'm sorry for this and hope no one blames me; family and health comes first, and this has been one hell of a year.Relieved  Enough said. Inside out - Disgust is done (emote)   Just know I care about you all, and I'm sure I forgot some of you very special friends :zikesfanclub: , but I went from youngest faves to oldest...and I've many to go through still. Swingin' On a Star _revamp_  Many hugs to you all!  Love in the Air Enjoy the works here and please visit the artists and spread some love. Share a little love...   

our moons have altered. homeopathic relationships by PsycheAnamnesis

Nightmares by jhps

Eve by Trippy4U

Outposts by Trippy4U

outstretched hands by BelcyrPiotr

London by Pajunen

Games People Play by scheinbar

Tunnel View by Metal-Bender

Morningstar by Dandy-Jon
Inspiration(selfportrait) by Sabz0r

Trying to Sleep by nilwilnil

Pharaoh Owl by ryangallagherart
Heartfelt by azieser

Family002 by ov3

Happy Faces by Arte-de-Junqueiro

Together by Peug


Adele's freckles by bohomaz13

Flora by trixxx

Night Huntress by escume
God Save America by makepictures

Nexus by MARX77
In-between by MARX77

To You, With Love by ChasMandala

Inside The Outside by Trippy4U

Red is here by DominikaAniola

Poppies by Nael-Irim

Fall Tea by Metal-Bender

Nicandra by IRIS-KUPP

time of transition by Ingelore

 Dsc0001 (2) by Placi1

With Love by Doll-Ladi

Somewhere in nature P.78 by Z3dLim

A Curious Chipmunk by Nini1965

Cooing Pigeon by happytimer

Apropos by davincipoppalag

Ice sculptures. by LawrenceCornellPhoto

Petit Matin by DavidMnr

Colors of the past. by Z3dLim

A touch of color by davincipoppalag

October River II by Pajunen

Let The Sunshine In... by Tigles1Artistry

Moment of Peace by DanStefan

Church by vw1956

Breaking free by LawrenceCornellPhoto

The start of a glorious day. by LawrenceCornellPhoto

Golden Sunset II by Pajunen

See Of Lights by Thinking-Silence

An important shout out to my dear friend  :iconjennystokes: for writing this....kudos, hon. :tighthug:

And the continuing saga of journals "Meet Your Neighbor" by Trippy4U. There are many more before this...check them out! Spread More Love Emote - PLZ 

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DominikaAniolaHobbyist Photographer

Thank you for featuring my artwork! :love:

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MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
My pleasure!
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Thank you so much MaryEllen :hug:
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
You are always welcome, Paulo! I miss this ... 
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MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
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ratinrageHobbyist Photographer
 :wave: thanks sooooo  much :hug: 
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
:wave: You’re so very welcome! :hug:
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happytimerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just want you to take care of yourself and family,I love to see your work when you have time!!!!Hug 
Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful collection!!!!!Heart 
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Thank you dear. :hug: I'll be doing my best, but sometimes a person's best isn't good enough. I feel guilty. :heart: You're so very welcome, dear. :tighthug:
Metal-Bender's avatar
Metal-BenderProfessional Photographer
No worries Maryellen! Life takes us where it does and DA will be here when you have time.:hug: Thank you so much for including my work in your wonderful feature!:rose:
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Thank you Peggy. :hug: I've lost quite a few watchers over this period I've been going through. But...nothing I can do. I wish I didn't care. :rose: You are most welcome. :tighthug: I truly worship your art. :love:
Metal-Bender's avatar
Metal-BenderProfessional Photographer
You're very welcome Maryellen!:iconbutterflyplz::hug: Don't worry about that so much. It happens to everyone. You lose some, you gain some. :rose:
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer
Your health and your family will always come first Maryellen. We know that.
It is always lovely to see you when you are able to be here :hug:  :)
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Thank you Lawrence. :hug: I wish everyone felt like that. :)
LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer
I don't know why anyone wouldn't feel like that :shrug:
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Sigh, a real mystery there...Not everyone is like you. :hug: Especially on the “new” DA. The good old days...miss them. :heart:
Nael-Irim's avatar
I´m sorry to hear this. We just met. I hope you have much health and a lot of good time with your family. :hug: I hope all it will be alright sooner than predicted. I send you blessings and also, thank you very much for featuring me! :heart:
MEPArtz's avatar
MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
Hi Nael! :hug: I'm not leaving, it's just I used to be here a LOT more, and just have not been able to do that this year, feel guilty, and it won't change anytime soon. But I will be around and visiting, and usually I visit the people who are closest to me and comment on my devs and fave and really watch me, or are just friendly, like you. :aww: Don't worry, I'm don't post much...not even as much as I have lately, because of birthdays, but maybe I will post more...I hope to, and I love doing journals, always have, but that slacked off too because this year was a humdinger and's just been hard to be who I used to be. :heart: You're very welcome. I love your work! :love:
Nael-Irim's avatar
Thank you! ^^ I understand now. I thought you will take a break. ^^ It is always good to take a step back and see from another perspective when we feel overwhelmed. ^^ I am new here I got overwhelmed by so many notifications too, ending up, at a point, to spend more than 5 hours daily and  I got very frustrated. ^^ I decided to easy my work, because I cannot be online all day long. I made a schedule: one day for replies only, one day for commenting on the works of my watchers and faving, two days for submitting new works and replying to the comments from my works, one day for llamas and browsing or discovering new artists, one day for notes and chats. One day off and I reply to main profile comments every day. I do not spend here more than 2 hours a day now and I am more satisfied than before. ^^ I see you have a lot of watchers, the work must be exhausting you.  You may try to make a schedule too adapting it for your needs. Maybe it will considerable easy your work here too. I spend one hour in the morning and one after 20´00 o´clock, because of my job. You may chose the perfect hours for you, the more convenient. ^^ After all, we are on DeviantArt to enjoy and share art, the time spend here it is suppose to improve our life, not to mess it upside down. ^^ I wish you to happily find the more wise way that allows you to enjoy again like you used to and not to be hard anymore for you to be who you used to be. ^^ I recall you, on your profile Id, you said: "Forever be yourself!" Now it is a good time to walk the talk again, isn´t it? :hug: :heart: 
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azieserHobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the feature. :)
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MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :)
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Z3dLimHobbyist Photographer
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