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Sunday Gag: Traveler's Pinch

so this will be a new thing we will be doing. Sometimes it will comes in black and white, and sometimes it will be in full colors. Every Sunday (we will try) there's going to be a 4 panels little fun comic that we will do. Usually it will be the comics that never get voted to become the main series or anything you guys comment under the Sunday Gag post.

someone suggested that there should be a chance for other tiers to get a free sketch, and I agree. This way, you guys can comment on the ideas we can do on Patreon,
and we will
randomly pick it for the next sunday gag.

we don't have a logo for it yet, but here's your first Sunday Gag: Genshin Impact: Travel's Pinch 

Wing (left) if you like my artwork, Wing (right) 
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Still has better boobaz than Lumine. She might be jealous. 😛

This comic is based on Genshin Impact, right?

No one:

Absolutely nobody:

Me: Searching the potion in all the stores in the game

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Alternate Traveler's Pinch:

Item Description: Warps you to the last guard post you've visited.

Hero takes it, and is knocked unconcious.

Bandits: Uh... That makes our job easi-what's that glowing smoke?

Gets possessed: Must deliver Hero to guard post.

Days Later...

Guards: Hey, is that the notorious bandit king? Quick, capture him while he's still under the hypnosis!

Yep because cuteness is the Ultimate Power

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Dang it! I was gonna say something about the ”cute” stat being OP or the meta or something, but now it’ll just feel like a copy.

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I love this as a double, cause I play genshin impact and is one of my favorite.

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:D im glad u like it

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So that's what description on the potion meant when it gives enemies the bleeding debuff
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I don't think the moaning debuff was a part of it
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What about the tunnel vision debuff? X)

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Again the description for this potion is very vague
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great stuff

(page two is attack up... bra cup size up. )

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I think charm +1 is better than cute +1. Anyways, a lovely pic to watch 😊
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Thats a very good suggestion

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His sister actually has more DPS than him in game lol.

So turning into a girl to get a stat boost is completely lore friendly as far as I'm concerned.

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Do they have names

The girl is named Lumine and the boy is Aether.

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yup yup. The names are hard to miss but they are said in the opening cutscene of whatever character you didnt pick. and i believe in a recent story quest they came up again

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