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I had a mouse in my coat this morning. My coat was in the kitchen & we lock the cats in the kitchen at night. It didn't move at all (or at least I didn't notice). I had it on for long enough to brush my hair out (& I'm slow at doing that) so at first I thought it was a Burdock (Velcro) seed so I went to grab it. It's tail came out first so I thought it was a tag & I kept pulling cause I was going to turn my sleeve inside out. Then I saw it was grey instead of pink (my coat is pink) so I threw it. It was really scared so it stayed put while my mom got a container. I thought there were more in my pocket because I forgot I put my phone in there so I threw my coat off, & screamed (I'm not scared of mice & I actually think mice are pretty cute, but I didn't know it was there & anyone would be startled at something like that), & made my mom check it out side. Right now I have tiny foot marks on my arm to prove it.
Yesterday my aunt got me a furry mask & today I had the sudden feeling that someone was going to walk into my room any second so I put on the mask & went back to watching my video. Not even 30 seconds passed & my mom walked in. (We checked the time on the video when she came in & I knew where in the video I had the idea at so we calculated that 29 seconds after I had the feeling she came in (times were 9:36 & 9:07)) She was supper confused because it's somewhat hard to see through the mask & it didn't make sense why I'd want to watch a video with it on. 

It was hilarious & now I think I have a 6th sense or something like that.
I just got stabbed in the foot by a tack. It didn't even hurt. I just all of a sudden felt something on my foot, looked down, & saw a tack pushed half way deep into my left big toe. Like I already said IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL. I am so confused. How did I get a tack pushed that deep into my toe & NOT get hurt?

I took it out & it still didn't hurt.

It does feel a little weird now & there is no mark.
I gave up on keeping away from all fandoms. I started getting into DS. I think I'm gonna obsess about portal, & GF (there was more but I cant remember).
Phch!!!! I got a new fandom. :(
(I was specifically trying to ignore all other fandoms till I finished playing through UT once but now I'm a DBH fan as well *sigh*)

A Cat’s Shadow (I don't know what i'm doing)

Maybe animals aren’t supposed to talk, but I obviously can. I’ve been able to talk for the entirety of the life I can remember. Nobody likes to talk to me though. As a matter of fact oddly no one likes to even stand next to me. I doubt it’s because I smell awful because I wash myself three times a day. Anyway one day as I was walking home. I noticed there was a young looking human sleeping in my box. At first I thought to myself how dare she sleep in my box. Everyone around here knows this is my box. Why would anyone do that? I’ll teach her a lesson. I rose my paw to swat her in the face. Than I thought humans don't usually sleep in boxes. Do they? Why isn't she were she's supposed to be? Since it was practically the middle of the night I was having trouble rationalising. So I didn't try. She looks so tired. She probably needs this shelter more than I do. Maybe I can sleep somewhere else for tonight. Knowing I would want to talk to her when she got up. So I looked for a different, nearby, safe place to sleep. Seeing as there was nowhere safe enough & close enough I did the last thing I could think of & laid down next to her & fell asleep.

    I woke as the sun rose as usual. To my dismay she was still asleep. I did not want to wake her. I knew she would also be hungry when she woke up. But I didn't know what humans ate so I couldn't hunt for both of us. It felt wrong to get myself food & not try to get her some two. Rationally I thought she slept for along time. I should wake her so she could get us some food,. We would both have something delicious to eat. Thus I said in the kindest voice I could muster “Hello. Miss?” She did not wake or even sturr. I said the same thing again louder & gently taped her arm. Than I practically shoved her. Still no results. This was starting to annoy me. So I shouted “Will you just wake up!”

    “AHHH” She shot up immediately screaming.

    I said “Oh. I-I’m sorry.”


    She just stared at me so took that moment as an invitation to start a conversation. “*ahem* Hello miss, I seeing as you are a human I thought you might be able to get us some food.”

    “Oh great now i’m seeing things.”


    “Cats can't talk.”

    “Well I obviously can.”

    “No you can't that's why I know i’m hallucinating.”

    “You are not hallucinating!”

    “Alright fine. I guess i’ll go along with that cause it such a big deal to you. What did you want again?”

    “I was wondering if you could get us some food”


    “What do you mean no!”

    “Don’t start screaming at me! I can't get food because I don't have any money.”

    “Money? What is that?”

    “It’s the stuff people use to get things.”

    “Oh… but… how does that work?”

    “That doesn't really matter.”

    “But aren't you hungry? If I knew how it worked I would be able to get us some food.”

    “*sigh* No you wouldn't… Hey, wait a minute. You’re small & fast looking. Do you think you would be able to steal us a snack.”

    “Steal?!?!?! No! I’m not going to steal food! Stealing is wrong!”

    “But were both starving. We need food. They have more than enough food anyways. There basically giving it away.”

    “No even if we're starving.” It was at that moment my stomach chose that time to growl… painfully. “Fine but not alot.”

    “Alright i’ll open that window & drop you in.” She said opening the window & getting ready to pick me up.

    “Wait! How am I supposed to grab it without opposable thumbs?”

    “Oh I didn't think about that… How about you create a distraction & i’ll sneak in & grab the food?”

    “I don’t think that's a good idea.”

    “Do you have a better idea?”

    “*sigh* No”

    “Alright let's do this.”

    She picked me up & dropped me on the counter under the window. Everyone immediately saw me & tried to grab me to throw me outside. I dogged under a table immediately. I actually didn't see what it was but it didn't matter & I dove under it. I pulled myself to the direct center of it were no one could reach me. It worked the way I was hoping for. While everyone was focusing on me no one saw as [girl’s name] snuck in & grabbed two big bags of food & snuck safely out. That’s when it struck me. We didn’t talk about a way for me to get out unscathed. I darted over to the window & they started trying to stomp on me. As I was about to jump back onto the counter I got kicked. But I still made it out alive. No thanks to that brat.

    “What the hell!”

    She was already stuffing food into her mouth.

    What?” She said with her mouth full

    “You left me there to die.”

    She swallowed than said “Oh stop being so dramastical.”

    “I’m not being ‘dramastical’!”

    “Yes you are!”

    “Dramastical isn't even a real word!”

    “Just eat your food!” She said trying to get me to shut up.

    I immediately started thinking rationally. If I don't eat that food she’ll eat it & that will all have been for nothing. I shouted “Fine!” before I sat down next to her defeated. Than I looked up at her & waited.


    “I can't open the bag.”

    She flopped the bag over rudely & let the food fall out for me.

    “Thank you.”

    “…Your welcome.”

    We ate the rest of the meal in silence. When she finished she got up suddenly saying “This is your home so you probably don't want me here. I’ll leave now. Bye.” & started walking away

    “What no!”


    “I don’t want you to leave”

    “Why?… Oh wait I know. You just want me to stay to help you get food.”

    “No! I want someone to talk to. I can hunt for myself! I don't need you to steal food.”

    “Hunt? what do you hunt?”



    “I don't eat just rats I also eat birds.”


    “Well. What do you eat?”

    “The stuff I gave you from the bag.”

    “I doubt that since you don't have the stuff you call money”


    “If eating rats & birds is gross to you then why aren't you answering. You'd have to eat something better.”

    “I eat what food I find in the garbage.”

    “That’s disgusting.”

    “What! You eat birds!”

    “Birds are better than that! They won't make you sick!”

    “They might have rabies or something else!”

    “& garbage might have dangerous chemicals in them & most of the stuff in there is rotten & will make you sick!”

    “You know what! If i’m staying here this isn't important anymore.”

    “You do want to stay?!”


    “Oh i’m so happy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

    “But i’m not eating rats.”

    “Then we’ll eat birds.”


    “Than what do you suppose we eat?”

    “We grab some food from that restaurant every day.”


    “Than i’m leaving.”

    “…Fine. I don't want to steal though. Can't we find a better way of getting food or atleast iron out our plan.”

    “Alright. Do you think it would be easier to go out the door instead of taking time to jump back up to the window?”

    “The door would shut on me.”

    “Than i’ll hold it open.”

    “…That might work.”

    It did work. Everyday she would sneak me in, she would grab the food for us, & we would get out unnoticed. Eventually it stopped working at that specific place because they locked the window. So we moved onto the next closest place. Every place we went to eventually closed there windows two. So we were almost always moving. One day while we were eating one of our stolen meals (which I am still not happy about) she came up with the idea that we go to a theater & convince the people there to let us do a [can't remember the right word->] play where she pretends i’m a puppet.

    I of course told her “I will not let you use me as a toy & sit on your lap!”

    She responded to that with “Well we could make a LOT of money off of it so we wouldn't have to steal any more… I know how much you hate stealing~.”

    Annoyed her use of my opinions against me I said “well how do you propose we convince whoever may be incharge of the theater to let us interrupt one of there well paid professionals to do a play that they haven't the slightest of clues as to what it’s about. I don't even know what the play would be about. I also have never done a play or anything close to that. I might have stage fright!”

    “I’ll figure that out later don’t worry about it. We’ll be fine.” She said trying to reassure me…

    …Of course that didn’t work. “What do you mean you’ll figure that out later! We need a plan now! We can't just walts up to a random stranger & ask to use there stage! They’ll never let us try agai-”

    “Oh my god! Will you just calm down for one second!” She said snapping my attention back to her. “How about we go to… Um… one of those places were they just let a random stranger on the stage & let them do… Uh… Whatever they asked?”

    “You mean a [I don't know what it’s called].

    “Yea! One of those.”

    “Alright we have a plan.” I said as I got up. “How about we go now?… I’m still not sitting on your lap.” I said as we started walking.

The first place we went to we spent the whole time until they closed for the day thinking about what we would do. The second place we went to wouldn't let us in because i’m an animal. I saw a dog walk in making that the most confusing place we went to. The third place didn't have anyone who liked our show. But the fourth place loved our show. They all started off booing us than the kids started cheering louder than their parents. It wound up getting really loud. Someone asked to hire that girl & we got a job. We even had a place to sleep.

I asked my friend “Is this were humans sleep?”



“Oh… Yeah shure.”

“You didn't even hear what I said, did you?”


“I asked you ‘is this were humans sleep?’.”

“The ones with money.”

“When did we get money?”

“We didn't yet. That guy has money.”

    “Oh… How is this going to work?”

    “We do a play the way he tells us & he gives us money.”



    We've almost never had a quiet moment before & it was getting on my nerves. So I decided to start a conversation. “I’ve been wondering for a while now. Do you have any idea why no one likes being near me?”

    “Oh that’s kind of obvious.”

    “It is?”

    “Yeah. It’s because you a black cat.”

    “Why is that a problem?”

    “A lot of people are superstitious. They believe a black cat is bad luck.”

    “But why?”

    “I don’t know. Practically everyone believes that.”

    “Is that why that one place let a dog in when I couldn't go in because ‘animals aren't allowed’?”

    “Wait they let a dog in?!”

    “Yeah, you didn't see it?”


    [a lot of things I don't have ideas for yet]

    “Hey [Girl name] why does your voice sound weird when you make the cat talk?” some kid looking about thirteen said once during one of our plays.

    She responded “What do you mean?”

    “Well it sounds almost like the cat is meowing & talking at the same time. Kind of staticy.”

    We both looked at eachother with the same confused expression.

    She said to me almost in a whisper “Maybe that's why only kids ever enjoy our shows.”

    I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by that but I had an idea. “Are you trying to say the adults can't hear me or something?”

    “Well yea. It kinda makes sense. Kids sometimes act like there talking to animals like they understand them. You said on multiple occasions you shouted for hours to huge crowds trying to start conversations & no one ever hears you.” She said referring to one of the older conversations we had back when we were living in the ally.

    I noticed the crowd was starting to get restless trying to listen to our boring & quiet conversation. “I need the next line now.” [That's all I have so far sorry.]

    [part I don't know where to put]

    Dogs only ever talk about their masters, birds only sing what they want to say which gets annoying fast, squirrels & chipmunks talk so fast & high pitched you can't understand a word they say, & other cats are often mean or don't want to talk at all.


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