Photography - The BIG Picture

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Photography has altered the world as we know it, an art form which only a fraction of the world understands. It changes our views of nature, as well as the beauty which is passed by in everyday life. We can see places we've never been to before, and recounter our lost memories. A photo captures the lighting drawn in the lens, while a photographer captures the sight in his or her heart.

The Escape by mrluuu what i've done, by unwrittenfutures :thumb104592034: Tribute by zimdollar :thumb86261360: :thumb105697107: :thumb79538126: A Lamp unto my feet by ImaginationsTheLimit
:thumb92901321: :thumb106029745:

Old an young alike can experience the magic-simply pick up a camera.

lovesick. by Amandaaa St Mary's Cathedral HDR by piratefuriousteddy :thumb104814986: Remember the Memories by cadydid
Time Stands Still by vintage-photographer san fran by danieladawson :thumb106196689: joyride of uncertainty by brandybuck

We are the artists of reality, or maybe the artists of illusion. That is for you to decide.

Abstract Palm by LifesWaitingToBegin tibet -- child smoking by emma510 :thumb92386813:
Sunflower by JewItUp :thumb106218063: He sends His love by ImaginationsTheLimit :thumb99162201:
Things have changed by megxcanxfly    She is. by caraile

The camera is the paintbrush, the photo is the canvas, and the world is our paint. Creativity is endless.

Reflection by piratefuriousteddy :thumb103822490: The Idea Graveyard. by No-Reason-At-All Kittykiss by PiaBobacka
:thumb105965927: saturdays. by Mugshot-Baby :thumb106078494: The view from the Pier by zimdollar
We see eye to eye by toujin1 :thumb95835325:

Every photo is different.
Every photographer is different.

:thumb101244636: :thumb102544204: christopher 4 by falloutlove Reach Higher by cadydid
Solitary road by iisjah Lalala Light by raemarshall  :thumb86255795: :thumb105899517:
Hypnotic by Zennuska Taste the Rainbow by querulousArtisan The Dungeon by zimdollar

To inspire and to be inspired, a photo holds that power.

Mr. Scrubbybubbles by KageSan17 :thumb105352902: Sleeping Peacefully by Death-Soldier101 Old Music by No-Reason-At-All
Take A Bite,It Won't Bite by kezzoXrawks :thumb105477912: Amanita muscaria II by Zennuska Deadly Diver by Death-Soldier101 :thumb95431263: scarlett fever. by radioactiverachel  

What camera is used never matters in the end. A photographer paints with the beauty of simplicity and radiance.

:thumb102166837: Because it's cold inside by megxcanxfly Dusty Emerald by SdeVarax What're You Looking At? by diado
kids. by radioactiverachel Shattered Glass by raemarshall A Mirror of the Sky by Xephelos :thumb91039180:
Fallen Star by KageSan17

Never underestimate the message a photo may bring. You may not see it, but maybe you just aren't looking.

:thumb106244796: :thumb104900727: :thumb105734702:
my heart so white by ParticleStorm trees keep growing. by PsycheAnamnesis mushroom village by inmc Chasing destiny. by caraile
Locked In by vintage-photographer Kittywatch by PiaBobacka

Forever capturing beauty, forever showing your heart's content.

© 2008 - 2020 MeowPic
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MeowPicHobbyist Photographer
Thanks everyone!
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Beautiful selection. And great words to go with it :clap:
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I've been featured yay! thank you :hug:
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iisjahProfessional Digital Artist
Great and true words and photos illustrating them.
Beautiful :)
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Wow, the way you described photography is utterly perfect, and the artwork you featured holds every single statement true... Great features, thank you so much for sharing!
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thanks so much for featuring me :) all these photographs are beautiful!
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thanks for featuring 2 of my works :heart:!
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KageSan17Hobbyist Writer
Wow, thank you so much for the feature! :D
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this is amazing!
awesome words
+ thank you so much for the feauture!
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megxcanxflyHobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for featuring my pieces :heart::heart:
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Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
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thank you so much for the feature! :heart:
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Thank you very much for the feature. :bow:
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freshberriesHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for featuring :D
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Wow. Those are some great words and I love everything you said :heart:
And it's all true what you said.
And thanks so much for the feature.
I really appreciate it.
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inmcProfessional Digital Artist
You choose some wonderful photography for this feature.
:handshake: Congratulations to you and to everyone featured!

I feel honoured that you included one of my pics.:blushes:
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aww thanks for the feature!

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Thanks for the feat, and congrats for the article, there are really good shots in it :)
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akrasielProfessional Writer
Thanks for the feature! It's a great collection. :aww:
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MeowPicHobbyist Photographer
My pleasure. :D
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ParticleStorm Photographer
thank you.
this is such a beautiful feature :)
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MeowPicHobbyist Photographer
Np, and thanks. :)
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galactica1actualStudent Photographer
Great collection from a great deal of talent.
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