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:iconmeowmix72:MeowMix72 posted a status
so confession time
I've got two AP tests to take within the next few weeks, and I haven't done much studying for either of them
and I'm really worried that if I don't dedicate all of my time to working on understanding the material that's gonna be on the tests, then I won't do well
so I want to postpone the next chapter until after the tests are both done (the calculus one is the latter, on Thursday the 5th)
I feel really bad, because I'm already late, and I also left you guys on sort of a cliffhanger, and if I do this, then I won't be finished with the comic by the end of the school year, which was my goal
but I really have to do well on these tests so that I can opt out of classes I've already taken for next year
I especially have to do well on the calculus test, because my school has an abysmal track record for that particular subject (nobody has gotten higher than a 1 at my school in the past ten years, and my school was only founded in 2002) and I was the top of the class, and one of only a few who are actually taking the test, so my teacher is really relying on me to do well
plus also those tests are expensive, and I'm not letting all that money go to waste
so I'm really really sorry, but I've got to study for this

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Akida411searcher Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blurgh, calculus. School first, indeed. That's more important!
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