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"Adults need to stop taking kids shows away from kids!!!!!!"
did it ever occur to you that an adult and a child can simultaneously enjoy the same piece of media
it's not like adults enjoying a kids show takes anything away from children who like it whatsoever
throw your opinion away because it's garbage
I've got a lot on my plate with the commissions I have on my plate, and the next chapter, which I haven't gotten a chance to make progress on in a week or two, and watching my cousins, and going back to school in a few days, so I just have to let you know that I can't take any commissions for about two months, until I get back on my feet. And the only reason I'm saying two months instead of one is because I know I have to draw Red and Isabel again next month, and I want to keep my schedule clear for that. Though this doesn't apply to the commissions I've already received, to be perfectly clear. Now that the holiday season is over for me, I'll get straight to work on those. They are coming.
So if you have an idea for a commission for me that you haven't already sent, please hold onto it until either late February/early March, or until I post my semiannual Red/Isabel drawing. Whichever comes first.
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a lot of my characters have a certain type of sweater they like (most are just only in my head tho)
tim's a hoodie kind of guy
green's got that whole turtleneck thing going on
isabel's favorite, despite her semi not fitting turtleneck, is her misprinted christmas sweater. she claims it's "one of a kind, and that makes it special" and don't forget the peekaboo shoulder sweater, she loves that one. come to think of it, she's the only one who has more than one preferred sweater type
delia is a big fan of sweater dresses
and izzy's big (pun intended) on oversized sweaters
  • Watching: my life fall apart before my eyes
  • Drinking: bleach probably
So my laptop won't turn on. It was working perfectly fine yesterday, but today it just very suddenly stopped working. I've tried everything, and I know for a fact it's charged well, and even if I plug it in, it won't turn on. Furthermore, when I did manage to get it turned on for a minute, none of the letter keys were working. The numbers and symbols were for the most part functioning properly, but the letters aren't working, and if I can't type letters, I can't log in, and if I can't log in, I can't get to any of the comic stuff I've been working on for the past few days. And that means that I can't upload anything more for you guys until I either get this laptop to turn on, or I buy a new one, which I can't afford to do right now anyway, so I have to put my comic on hiatus again until I can fix the problem.
and i was finally back on schedule, too... :'(
  • Watching: my life fall apart before my eyes
  • Drinking: bleach probably
I know I said I'd post every other Friday, and I'm working hard, but the problem is I'm just so close to finishing this mass, I'm so freaking close, I can almost taste it, like, seriously, I only have one more movement to write, and then it's all minor edits that should only take a few hours in total, and I'm really excited to get this finally finished. And I would have had it done so much sooner, but I've been struck with a severe case of composer's block that's been gnawing at my progress for what I'm pretty sure is now weeks. I've started and restarted this one particular movement over and over, and for whatever reason, it's just not working out. For all the other movements, the music has just come to me, and that's how it usually is, even with something as complex and intricate as the piece I showed to you guys a few months back, but it's just not happening for this one. And all I really can do it plow through it as fast as I can, but it'll probably still take a while, and heaven forbid, I'll probably have to restart again, because I'm still not feeling what I have down right now, and then it'll still be forever until I'm able to post anything at all for you guys. So don't think I've forgotten about you or anything, but I just have a lot of tough work ahead of me.
So I can't promise to deliver to you artwork in a timely manner, but I can promise that I'm making progress.
My schedule is as follows:
Tomorrow I'm devoting the entire day to finishing up this god forsaken mass that's been taking me way too long to write, and once I'm done fine tuning it (which I'll do throughout the week), I'll send it off to the group who I'd like to have perform it, and see if they're interested.
Once all that is done, which will be at the end of this week, I will probably be back on a weekly schedule in terms of updating. The only issue is I currently don't have my ADHD meds, and it's really putting a damper on my work and my motivation. (But I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday to get more, so that won't be an issue for long.) So that means it should be about two weeks form now when you get the next comic. And I also have plans to finish that month-long Spanish drawing challenge that's taken now three months and I'm only like halfway through. And then very, very soon (because it's only going to take like an hour to make) I have a special surprise for you guys, and I'm really excited to show you. So that'll be first, and then the (hopefully) daily Spanish drawings will start coming out again, and then I will get that nuzlocke comic up, I swear. (Next chapter we meet Steven for the first time, so that will be exciting!)
So that's where I am right now, and where I'd like to be in the near future.
(by the way, since I can't seem to commit to a daily challenge, it'll be a while before you see something else like this from me :P)
I wanted to make a journal rather than a status about this because I feel as though it's a lot more important than the passing thoughts I have that I like to share with you guys via status updates. I kind of just wanted to thank you guys for how well Izzy as a character has been accepted. I know there are very few of you, as opposed to the more popular nuzlockes out there (not that I'm complaining, because I love the community I have, you lovely individuals are all great), but I have seen places where a transgender character hasn't been accepted well, to the point where someone had to disable comments on, and even discontinue, their comic because of the comments given over the character's gender identity. I've never really been scared, per se, of posting a character who might be controversial like this, and I never doubted whether or not I should have done it, because I'm not afraid of the consequences, but I sort of worried about how she would be received, because I really wanted you all to like her, because I love her. And as a whole, you guys have been pretty positive about Izzy, regardless of gender and all that. And I'd just like to thank you guys for all that. I don't want to make everything in the comic about transgenderism, because, one, that would be boring, and two, trans people are more than just trans. But I just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy that she's being so accepted.
And just to let you guys know, there is no amount of backlash that I could possibly receive that could make me want to stop making comics. I have stories that I want to tell, and I want to tell them through my comics. No matter how much hate I could potentially get, if any (again, I'm not known well enough to have haters), it will never make me stop. The only way I could stop making these is if I lose the ability to, like if I for whatever reason get banned from dA, or if I lose my arms in an epic sword fight, or if I die. (And if I do die, MintoPrime has every permission to reveal any spoilers that I've told them.) I won't be silenced, ever.
Okay, that's enough of that stupid resilience talk. Back to your regularly scheduled existence.
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  1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
  3. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
  4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
  5. NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that".
  6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
  7. No tag backs!
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  9. You MUST make a journal entry.

Ten More Facts About Me

  1. My favorite art form is music. I play violin, piano and guitar (mostly violin), and I sing, as well as composing, which I'm doing a lot of as of late.
  2. While I'm only fluent in English, I've studied Japanese, French, and Spanish.
  3. Even though Calculus was a really difficult class, I loved it, and I plan on taking more of it next year.
  4. I'm somewhere in between vegetarian and vegan. I'm a lot closer to vegetarian, though.
  5. My golden birthday is this August. (My profile might say differently, though, lol)
  6. I hate love triangles, and I'm so upset that I accidentally wrote one.
  7. I've never been kissed, or in a relationship, or even on a date.
  8. I've run two half marathons and one full marathon in the past three years. (The times were 2:19:15 and 2:30:53 for the half marathons, and 5:46:43 for the full one.)
  9. The style I draw in now was designed exclusively for my nuzlockes. But it kind of stuck, and now I don't really draw in any other style. (Before my nuzlockes, I drew more in an anime/manga style. But it wasn't great.)
  10. I do all my digital art on my phone, as opposed to a pen tablet and computer.

Wai's Questions

  1. Have you ever been to another country? Unfortunately, no. However, my dad travels a lot for work. In fact, he's in Japan right now.
  2. Do you eat at McDonalds? Not anymore, no.
  3. Do you have any pet(s)? I do! Her name is Sascha Von (though we just call her Sascha, unless she's in trouble), and she's a 7 year old German shepherd.
  4. Do you live with your family? Unnnnnnnfortunately yes I MEAN FORTUNATELY HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA i don't like my siblings
  5. Do you like chatting with people? Depends largely on the person. I can talk for hours, but I won't talk a lot to people I don't like talking to.
  6. Apples or oranges? That's fairly dependent on my mood. Usually it's whatever I haven't had in longer.
  7. Do you like vegetables on your pizza? I don't normally eat veggie pizza, but if someone offers me a slice that's full of veggies, I wouldn't turn it down.
  8. Are you homeschooled? No. But I go to a performing arts school, and that's kind of neat.
  9. Do you like video games? Of course I do! Not so much the violent shoot-y ones, but story driven games, like Pokemon or Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, are right up my alley.
  10. Do you consider yourself a good artist? Well, I'm not bad, per se, but I don't consider myself exceptional. I could certainly be a lot better, but I definitely see myself improving in the future.

My questions

  1. What are three things about your art that you like?
  2. What are three things about your art upon which you'd like to improve?
  3. If you plan on buying Pokemon Sun/Moon, will you start with Litten, Popplio, or Rowlet? If you don't, which do you think is the cutest?
  4. What's your favorite TV show?
  5. Who's your biggest artistic inspiration?
  6. How many siblings do you have?
  7. Do you listen to anything when you make art? If so, what do you listen to?
  8. If you had to live in a different country, where would you live?
  9. What would you do with a million dollars?
  10. Do you like your art? Why or why not?
(so I can't do polls because it requires a core membership, and I have zero moneys, but I don't expect a bajillion answers, so just answer down in the comments below and that will suffice)

Because I'm curious, not that this will have any impact on the endgame, though it might, who would you guys like to see Isabel end up with? Specifically, Green or Tim?
So today is the day I have set for Green's birthday, and so I thought I would take some time to establish some birthdays that I have set, as well as some ages for them at the point I'm at in the comic right now (keep in mind that the next comic will be the Christmas one, so their ages are relative to December).
Isabel: August 18 (13)
Blaze: August 17 (4 months)
Green: February 18 (13)
Tim: May 11 (16)
Giovanni: August 1 (37)
Amanda: June 6 (16)
Mei-ling: March 29 (17)
Mac: December 30 (15, almost 16)
Prof. Oak: April 20 (50)
Delia: July 3 (37)
Isabel's "mysterious" older brother: January 30 (20)

I'll update this if ever I come up with more.
The next chapter will go up today or tomorrow, BUT the next one might have to wait for two weeks after that. I've got a long one planned, and there's no way I can divide it. So warning, friends!
drawing hands will be the death of me
so many hands
why did I do this to myself
I want to do a q and a type of thing, but I need your questions!
I'll take questions for just about anyone who's been in the nuzlocke so far, including one off characters and Pokemon, but not including anyone who's died, and not including gym leaders. And feel free to ask as many questions as you want!
So there are a few that I haven't drawn that already chronologically happened, but I'm waiting on them because of spoilers. So be patient there.
redrawing balloonies death is bringing every sad emotion about it back... I'm not ready for this...