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Izzy's SNC 6 by MeowMix72 Izzy's SNC 6 by MeowMix72
Since I'm still lacking a computer, I thought I'd go back to doing this on my phone, mostly because I could not wait to earn enough money to get a new computer to get this chapter out. It won't be the greatest quality, because there are things I can do with a computer that a phone app just isn't capable of, but I can at least get this story down for you within a reasonable time span.
This was going to go up yesterday, but I threw out all of my background because I hated them. And I think I did better on these backgrounds than ever before, so that was a day well spent.
And let me tell you guys, the relationship between Knight and Josephine is my favorite romance I've ever written. I love it more than Isabel and Green, more than Isabel and Tim, more than Flappers and Palindrome, more than Izzy and her future love interests (be patient, they're coming eventually). And I'm not exaggerating at all. And there's a reason this couple holds such a high place in my heart, but you can't know that yet.
I'd link to the previous chapter and all, but I don't want to go through the hassle on mobile, just because it's late and I just got back from class and I'm watching a couple babies tomorrow, so I have to get up early, and I want to sleep. So meh.
Edit: I just realized that I forgot to put the zero after the two ones in the route in which I got Sandwich. And I'm not in any mood to go change it. Do that should say Route 110. and I don't remember anything else about him, so that's why there's no more information.
Chiyuuhi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Hobbyist
Also Wally is backkkkk
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This ship makes me so happy 😌
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