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Izzy's SNC 12 by MeowMix72 Izzy's SNC 12 by MeowMix72
The pun at the end is a reference to the puns that pettyartist used after all the gyms in her LeafGreen nuzlocke. And of course, Canterbury's line is a reference to Ruby's outburst from Steven Universe. now that we have credit out of the way...
This conversation has been written and rewritten over and over. And mostly everything you see here is rewritten from something I've written before, because this isn't the first time I've recorded this nuzlocke run (although it's the first time I've done it digitally). But this is a conversation that I've gone through over and over, trying to improve it. I think the biggest problem I had at first was kind of only viewing the topic from Izzy's point of view, and not acknowledging the huge changes a father (or a mother) would have to make upon the discovery that their child is transgender, which is a valid point of view, as well. And I think I did a fair job of showing what I wanted to show, even though I still don't think it's perfect. Though some of the imperfection is purposeful, because I wanted to make a realistic conversation between two people, and I didn't want the conversation to go how either one of them would have pictured it. But I also wanted it to end relatively well. And, even forgetting the pun, they're both content after the conversation is over.
I don't really know what else to say, except that I hope you enjoy reading
which if you're already reading the description, you probably already have read the comic, so good work isable
amirafear Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Student
well, Norman handle it very well
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