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FireRed Nuzlocke Gijinkas (UPDATED)!!! by MeowMix72 FireRed Nuzlocke Gijinkas (UPDATED)!!! by MeowMix72
Now, I want to explain them all, because they all have a story as to why I drew them how I did.
Blaze: Since she's always the front-runner of my team, and she definitely acts like it, I wanted to dress her up like a superhero, looking as muscular as I had the skill to draw. And you might notice that she looks a LOT like Isabel. WELL THAT'S ON PURPOSE! Because as her starter, they're the closest, and I wanted to represent that.
Flappers: As a cute little diva bird, I wanted to show how dainty and feminine she was, a huge contrast to Blaze. Complete with platform stilettos, because of that whole smallness insecurity. (And I have actually met someone whose hair was naturally colored like that. How cool!)
Spores: Because she isn't fully evolved I made her more like a child, as opposed to everyone else. And I do want to make an updated Vileplume gijinka some time in the future. It kinda doesn't make sense, because she is technically older than Palindrome and Dyesebel, but it also makes it funnier to picture a child telling a grown man his crush is out of his league. Oh, and I thought the little spots looked sort of like freckles, so I gave her some. EDIT: I changed the lace on her boots from red to blue.
Palindrome: I gave him a drastically darker skin tone than everyone else because he came from an Eevee, and I wanted to imply that if he was to change clothes, he could turn into a gijinka for another eeveelution. And that's also why he has brown roots growing in. He's also shirtless, because I was feeling daring.
Dyesebel: I did a lot of research to draw someone who was clearly obese (although a lot of that work is concealed underneath the sweater...), because I don't typically draw people like that, and they so exist, so I wanted to give it a shot. Other than that, not much else to say.
Taca: A lot of the Nidoqueen gijinkas I found were really really sexualized, so I wanted to make one not so sexualized. I also did her as a Nidoqueen while I did Spores as a Gloom, despite the fact that the evolved at the same time. Don't know why I did that. I'll be updating Spores' gijinka soon, I promise.
Oh, and Spores and Palindrome (and now Taca)
have a little bit of foreshadowing to them. Not really plot relevant, but it'll be cute once you know what it is.
Wednessday98 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I always forget that blaze is a girl XD. These look great!
Mad-Meow Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great job on this! I particularly like the way you drew Spores' freckles.
MintoPrime Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
These are amazing. I love Flappers the most.
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