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Draw This Again: 5 months by MeowMix72 Draw This Again: 5 months by MeowMix72
I kind of wanted to keep this to a semiannual type of thing, but I just couldn't wait another month to do this. And not because I love this picture so much, but the first one is just so cringe inducing.
So here's a link to the first drawing I did:…
And because this is the first and not the last time that this picture is redrawn, I want to put down 5 places where I think I improved on since the last picture, and 5 places where I want to do better next February.

Where I've improved:
1. Facial expressions. Isabel's face in the first one just really bothers me, and I made it a lot better this time around. Although looking at it again, that mouth is pretty huge...
2. Shading. I've kind of made the transition from cel (or cell? I don't know) shading to semi-sort-of-soft-shading. And the reason I did is because I noticed that the official Pokemon artwork isn't really either, but it's sort of a watercolor-ish type of texture to the shading. And I did my best to replicate that in my shading here.
3. The dress. That dress was so hideous. I redesigned it. It's much better now.
4. Background/overlay. I didn't really do any background at all last time, and so I added a really simple one. I don't know where they're going, but it looks like an adventure.
5. Lineart coloring. It's never been my forte, per se, but I do like the look of colored lineart. And I think I did it a lot better this time around because I sort of shaded the lineart colors, too, but in a way that was dependent on the colors around it instead of where the light would hit. And I think it looks good that way.

Where I want to improve in the future:
1. That background. It was kind of just an afterthought, and I didn't really think about it until I thought to add one in, and it shows, definitely, so I want to make the background a little more detailed, but not so much so that it draws attention away from the foregreound.
2. Those hands. It took FOREVER to get the hands they're holding to look right. And it still didn't really work out. And the hand in Red's pocket just doesn't look right.
3. Shadows. I know I said I got better at them, but I'm still really new to watercoloring, and it took literally hours for me to figure it out just on Isabel's hair. HOURS. But maybe by February I'll be more used to it.
4. Red's hat. I've never been great at drawing baseball cap type of hats, and while I think this is the best I've ever drawn one, it still looks a little misshapen.
5. Uh, clothing folds, I guess? I guess that's kind of a copout, but the jeans and the dress aren't looking how I pictured them in my mind, so I think I need to look at more clothing references, so I know what I'm doing next time.

And one more gripe I kind of have with this drawing: Isabel is supposed to be around 5 or 6 years old in the picture, and Red about 12 or 13. And while Red looks okay, I feel like Isabel still looks the same as when I draw her at 2 or 3. I think I made her a little taller, but I don't really think it's noticeable. And I don't know how to improve on that other than just making her taller, maybe longer hair, I don't know.

So here's all that. And I'll be back with one of these in Febuary.
Chiyuuhi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Hobbyist
Amazing improvement :D I love the detail on Isabel's dress as well as the shading on a whole ^_^
This is so adorable
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July 13, 2016
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