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Draw This Again: 1 year by MeowMix72 Draw This Again: 1 year by MeowMix72
here's a speedpaint:…
And as I've done before, I want to list five things I've improved upon, and five things I wish to improve upon in the future.

1. Red's face. Dear lord, I can't look back at previous drawings, they just make me cringe. Why did I think that looked good? send help
2. Shading. While I do like the style of soft shading, the way I did it before was just muddy, and it wasn't good. Perhaps one day I'll try soft shading this picture again, but as for right now, I've improved a lot with cel shading, so I wanted to represent that.
3. Poses. Particularly Isabel's. I kind of used to give her that invader zim-esque kick up of the leg, but that didn't look like a natural pose for a human person. So I drew her skipping, and I think it makes it look a lot more like a small child and less like an alien invader.
4.  Clothes in general. I talked about the jeans in the speedpaint, which I'm really proud of, but especially with Isabel's dress, I made it look fluffly without being imprecise about my line placement. And the little sheer fabric on top of the dress (I think it's called tulle, but I don't know for sure) is something I wanted to do last time, but I never really knew how. And while I don't think it's perfect, it does look pretty much how I wanted it to.
5. Coloring that lineart. When I did it before, I chose colors that were waaaaaay too bright, and it made the picture look weird. But I think I fixed that.

1. Shading. And this is weird because I think I improved on my shading, but I still think I have a lot to learn about it, so I hope I can improve on it.
2. That background. I've never been great at backgrounds, and especially that path texture, I really need to figure out how to do that a lot better than I did. And the trees could have looked a lot better had I paid any attention to depth.
3. Color theory. I kind of put a layer of overlay over the whole drawing to try to tie it together, but still, that's no replacement for actually learning color theory. Which I promise I'll get around to doing at some point.
4. If it's cheating to say hands and feet, then I don't want to be right. Those feet need work. They make me sad.
5. Composition. I know a lot of the rules of composition, and I tried to adhere to the rules, but the thing is, I didn't try all that hard. So I'm hoping that one of these days I try harder to make pieces that adhere to those rules.
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February 18, 2017
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