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Profile of Girl by meowmeowkitty123 Profile of Girl :iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 2 0
So First
I’d like to congratulate
the people with their heels in the dirt
and sweat on their brows
and the heart to unearth
the grime in society
to barrel past those barriers
to outlive,
the others.
But as those feelings wash over me
like slips of wind escaping from the windward
to the leeward side of the mountain,
they become plants
shielding themselves from the scathing coin,
in a desert, without roots,
in a quiet little corner
called home.
Or maybe the storm will pick them up,
blast its brittle voice across the brown plateau,
and they, swept up by the turmoil,
become feed for the cattle.
Don’t bother to save them,
they’ve already drowned
in the dirt,
and suffocated
in the morning chill.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
on fresh and bright mornings
you waft from white thrones,
holding your hand out for mine-
as the moon shines against the bleak
sky, like a cocoon in a wasted land
I twirl in the ashes
dead clusters
of your kind.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 1 0
A familiar face
her face in the room
you think she's sleeping
you step closer
is covered in blisters
her hands twisted
in a balloon
you want to pop it
because your head is spinning
and light
and something seems too
ethereal to be true
her eyes
empty yet seem to be flickering
onto yours
and lips
like swollen berries
speak of a word half-remembered
in a faded mind-
perhaps she is,
perhaps she's not
your movements she mimics with startling
and she smiles as she sees you
her features relax;
a light creeps into her eyes
you reach out to hold it
captured by the soft curve in her neck
her soft sighs
but look
she is moving towards you
at the same time
soon you will learn
your hands will forever be
thwarted by an impenetrable barrier.
the mirror.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
we are buried alive
in the past I thought
well we're just simple people
working mundane lives
now they want our grimy hands
in the soil
so our blood sweat tears
will last longer than we will.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
Waiting Game
when i found my shadow
it was on the doorstep of my home
it sang with dreadful silence
it gave a graceful bow;
it hummed a ditty tune
and pressed a little hue
to the blue paint on my frame
before it smiled and said;
"my friend, why do you linger here so?
the woods were a-waiting for you all day.
why do you tottle-round with nothing to do?"
said I, with a pause at the idea,
"why, I'm busy."
said, he, "not I!"
and he whipped up a cap
which brought him from China and back-
then turned on his feet
and went forward to leap-
over the precipice
my eyes lingered on his figure
as he receded into a flicker  
of white light which often
travels rapidly into the past
but he's never looked back
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 1
walking through the echoes of life
when dark is light, the world filled in
the light baubles which adorn them
with reckless spite;
in the pale gaze of moonlight
i sit with eyes trained to the light
echoes away of soft music playing
i barely heard over the precipice
in ladders which keep on falling
i barely saw
i couldn't hear
the yearning which draws me closer
to the brink as I resist
is responsible for all my convulsions
and the night which linger still
behind closed eyes.
a single tree sways in the torrent of rain
drenched by the harsh rips and tears of skin
where nothing but itself is made
to withstand the cycles of pain
reaching inside it each day.
Nothing but this
nothing but bliss
In the light blue arid plains
would make this longing go away.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
My mistake
I see her yesterday
as clearly as I know her today;
she speaks to me,
a cascade of brazen burgundy hair
shifting over the moonlight;
a swollen eye peeks through
 harrowing mistake
She is me,
I am her,
Together we are.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
Believe in me,
in sunset whispers
in husky drawls over wet sheets
of whirlpools at grey steps
of the rain slinking at our feet;
look to the heavens above and listen
to the gulls which never die
and the voices which linger still
caught in the wind of time.
Hush, my love; don't cry.
In the bitter dawn of morning
A prayer alights in stormy clouds,
fire vortexes sweeping in maelstroms
amid shrieks of cackling laughter;
Serpents wind cool bodies 'round tall grey poles,
teeth gnashing into cold pellets;
scales shedding with their last breath-
eyes flickering in dim ember;
Out on the hollows of a jilted oak tree
I stood there for a thousand years
in times which passed and carried on
like a wave on a sail reaches out
to the shore one last time.
for in the iridescent breath of morning
i shall speak to you
and you- looking behind
will miss me
like a shadow,
you will smile
at a blank space between us
and sl i p away      .
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
a cool remembrance of spring
sunset dawns glitter
crickets chirp in dusty pods;
weighed icicle wings
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 1 0
where have i lost her-
that girl who rises with fresh faces-
who yearns towards tomorrow with nimble grace
who listens in with no trace
that hidden voice which calls inside-
yet she must surely hide
from the ugly mess exploding outside
yes, i'll hide her,
or she'll die.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
a noble soul rises from the dust
hoping to brush aside past parasites;
removing the cobweb flakes of yesterday
to embrace today
only to be chased by uneven footsteps
of another shadow.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
it seems that the closer i walk
towards the end i can't see
what it is, what I wish to seek-
i've lost, it all;
the arid plains are full of fettered holes
flaking and hoping to engulf me in their midst.
i can see the faint apparition
of a face in the distance-
the moment my arm reaches out to touch it,
a hard aching slumber resonates from my body;
and i can't understand what it is
why it is this way
but only that this pain will
i knew it was so before
yet why does it hurt so much to see it now
upon the precipice of a new civilization?
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
Today the sun has reached the four corners of my room, and its rays are warm upon my skin. The world seems so much brighter somehow- cleaner, crisper. And now that the haze has gone, I can hear the thudding.
It started approximately six hours ago. I drank some water and it stopped. A few seconds later, it started again.
The lights are beginning to flicker.  
Has time gone so fast? The warmth of the morning has slowly slipped away, it is a transient breath of wind.
Thudding, thudding against the frame of the heavy door. I look at everything through kaleidoscope lenses, broken and jagged, bloody in my hands.
With great effort, I hobble over to the doorway. It’s creaking now, the old boards must be giving way—the lights are flickering desperately, trying to hold onto a memory of their past lives-
I open my eyes to darkness. I move and feel a ragged, groaning breath racing towards me. No, not one. Three, maybe more.  
I could scream but no one would hear me, I would s
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 0 0
Five Cycles
Cherry blossoms breathe out into morning mist
and die when frost bites its roots;
currents flow like marbles
drained out and rolling
yet another cycle shows its face
a waning crescent half-hanging
in the stark white columns
of peeling change rooms,
as mold shapes and regrows
and arches form above tiny 'x's
spiders scuttle across the wintry soup
of a green wasteland,
tormented by the storm of hunger.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 1 0
just breathe and you are captured
by her swollen iridescent eyes
just listen and you fall into
the blank space of her lies.
:iconmeowmeowkitty123:meowmeowkitty123 1 3


Detroit become human: Connor by Detkef Detroit become human: Connor :icondetkef:Detkef 882 27 tutorial - drawing a female face by loish tutorial - drawing a female face :iconloish:loish 25,619 869 I'll screw up by Picolo-kun I'll screw up :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 16,408 453 Owl Reference by Banzchan Owl Reference :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 2,957 165 Yellow park by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Yellow park by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 73 3 lovers on a bridge by hakubaikou lovers on a bridge :iconhakubaikou:hakubaikou 8,339 609
Lucid dreaming
Beneath twin moons we dance and sway,
come sail away, forget the day
and swirl in dresses woven bare
in this still night air.
Under their glow come kiss and play,
over ocean spray, the cliffs of clay
they crumble through the lilting waves
you stand so firm and brave.
A kiss a turn a twist before,
the diving shore, this empty door
against a sky so lit with dreams
it's hard to say it's what it seems.
So press your chest to mine and pour
this wine of yours, there's time for more,
across my silken lips it drips
and down onto my finger tips.
Beneath twin moons we dance and sway,
held in my gaze, can't look away,
you're mine in life and ever more,
my lovely sea wed corpse.
:iconcompanyindeath:CompanyInDeath 2 2
Illust. -- Pesadillas y otras rimas by Sapphyriah Illust. -- Pesadillas y otras rimas :iconsapphyriah:Sapphyriah 5 0
Silver-Studded Lips
Everyone says the first thing they notice about a person is their eyes.
When I met her, the first thing I noticed was her lips.
The sterling-silver
:iconthere-will-be-rain:There-Will-Be-Rain 9 7
Random ( Rough ) by pizza113 Random ( Rough ) :iconpizza113:pizza113 1 0
august's skeleton.
Sunburnt freedom of July
we come tumbling in the auburn joy of boredom
down the spine of summer.
And spelled in the scabs on your knees
is the innocent insolence
scuffing the corners of your memory:
all hyperbole, grinning toothless bravery
swallowed in your father's coat,
whipping around corners and slipping
out of a chiaroscuro childhood.
:icon91816119:91816119 77 36
It's Tea Time!~ by Dameon1337 It's Tea Time!~ :icondameon1337:Dameon1337 84 22 ... by absentii ... :iconabsentii:absentii 1,000 42



Profile of Girl
Long time no post-- getting into digital media now, thought I'd share and track my progress! C: 
 I'm a hobbyist writer and occasional artist. (Although my drawings aren't up to par enough to share with anyone yet) and I enjoy reading all sorts of works ^^. I also like playing sports (a bit of a tom-boy sometimes). 
I hope to get better in my writing style and drawing so I can express the emotions/scenarios I think of quickly and efficiently. 
Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a daring day. :)


meowmeowkitty123's Profile Picture
Elik Rain (V.L.)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello! :) Thank you for giving up your time to read a few of my poems/ see a few artworks ^__^

I hope to gain more experience in my writing- honest critique is always appreciated!

Allpoetry account:


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