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We're So Good at Selling Lies

aa I actually really love how this turned out ;u; This originally was going to just be a warm-up drawing, but I ended up spending a few hours on it (probably about 3+ hours) ^^" I don't usually do lineless art, so I experimented a lot with this! I also used harsher shading rather than the softer shading than I normally use.

This is of my character King Minkley! He's one of the main antagonists in a story that I am working on ^^
Feel free to read his information here:

I was listening to I Don't Know How But They Found Me's new album while drawing this, and it's soooo good ;u; Lots of the songs on that album make me think of this character for some reason.

Art for my use only.
Art by me.
Character owned by me.
Character design by I-IYENAS 
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Wow the lighting on this is so cool!
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Thanks! I'm glad the lighting turned out how it did ^^
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Of course! Lighting can be tough, but it came out great!