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Daily Deviation
July 25, 2021
Sail by Meow-Vortex
Featured by C-91
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Edit 2021/07/25
Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation! Nono and Stinky are going on adventure!

YouTube Icon by VampireHelenaHarper Youtube Channel  | Discord Server
Newly created discord server where we share art and grow as person and artist no matter your artskill, feel free to join!

Feel free to leave a comment or to add me to your watch list if you like my work, your support means the world to me thank you (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) 

Some comics strip of Nono and Stinky adventure I made:

Nono and Stinky go on a adventure by Meow-Vortex Getting ready with Nono and Stinky by Meow-Vortex  The plan unfolding! by Meow-Vortex

Isometric little scenery inspired by this drawing:

It was actually the first drawing of my Nono and Stinky > v <
I like to experiment with my art, hope you like it!
I was unsure of which color to pick for the background but went for a blue and calm one.

Learned a bit about color theory and tested it out here.
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zebrasonice's avatar

Love the almost iridescent look with the colors.

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you so much ^^

Itrytodrawokay's avatar
Meow-Vortex's avatar

Hey thank you so much! :D

Kiyoko94's avatar

aaa!! Stinky and Nono, yay :)

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Oh wow, you know it is been a while I haven't heard about you right?

How have you been?

Kiyoko94's avatar

Hello, Hello. Yes, i know. I may appear as a ghost, but I am back on DA.

Been under rock bc of 2020, neglected to visit DA ((

Been up&down.

How you been? :)

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Hey don't worry about that, it is glad to see you back and I do remember you of course!

Yes I know, life can be pretty hard sometimes but I hope you are feeling much better now.

between 2020 and almost 2022 things sure have changed and I did neglecte DA for a while too, I just came back not long ago tbh haha

Kiyoko94's avatar

For now i returned to see what i missed, bc my artistic side has been frozen. So I am slowly unfreezing for leave a feedback to followed creators.

haha, I also been stuck in a game :'')

will come out from shell again but what happened and different opinions...

I am happy seeing some favourite drawing-makers and painters from DA, for example, that kept being active and did not neglect their hobby ~

I am sure i missed a few of your drawings, let's see what i have to comment on down below yet :P

MirisArt's avatar

terribly cute^^ what an idea!

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Haha thank you so much, indeed what an idea xD

Maybe that will actually work out (?) xD

WalkinginDreamlight's avatar

Feature-It-Monday has selected your artwork for Feature of the Week!


Meow-Vortex's avatar

Oooh thank you so much!! (〃^▽^〃)

This week is already starting well! Thank you again, that means the world to me!

WalkinginDreamlight's avatar

A well deserved feature with so many beautiful details. :clap:

Wonderful artwork! :heart:

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you, thank you really (//▽//)

JA-punkster's avatar

I love this! The colors are pleasing to look at, and the scene is really adorable! Congrats on your DD! =)

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you so much my friend, I am happy to see that you are enjoying it!

(´ ω `♡)

33M's avatar

so very very cute....congrats on your DD Friend

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you so much my friend!

Bcfoster20's avatar
Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you so much!

Bcfoster20's avatar
roshichen's avatar

Really lovely!

Miniature adventure go!

Meow-Vortex's avatar

Thank you roshichen! yes they are going on a big adventure! (´ ω `♡)

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