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Dragon Year

My first drawing of the year 2012~
HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR though there's few weeks left. XD

Shooo happy that its dragon year and shooo many dragon stuffs in store now and I almost died from overload excitement... ;w;

Anyways, I wish you all and your family have a prosperous year ahead and not worrying about the end of the world. : D


Photoshop cs5, few hours.

Drawing (c) ~Meoon
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Hi Meoon!  I've featured you on my dragon artwork blog.  I love this piece!  You can find me at Writing Dragons Blog.  Keep up the good work!
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Hello! Thanks for featuring! I'm really grateful and I'm glad that you love it! w00t! 
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Arrrrrgh this is awesoooome! People born dragon are so lucky.
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I like this!!^^
nerdynewyorker's avatar
woww gorgeous drawing... love the colors!
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WOW! that is just epicly awesome!!
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I was born during the Dragon Year of 88 so I'm glad its finally my year again!

Cool Design
stasher-dragon's avatar
I love the colors!
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Featured in my journal! This is so creative and fun. I adore the colors and the pose! I'm in love with the painting style :heart:
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Thank you!! >v<
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xi nian kuai le :)
PureForestGuardian's avatar

Absolutely amazing!

Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year as well! ^^
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This is so totally awesome-ness!!!
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this is v nice!! did you use paint brush to draw the dragon? love it!!
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Oh my. This is fabulouse.
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GENG A SIFU!! *orz multiple time*
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So many asian babies are going to be born this year lol
waefsdf such a cool dragon!! ; 7 ; <3333
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2012 is the year of the dragoon? That means the year b4 was the horse year...(If I'm not mistaken)

(and yeah maybe I shouldn't think about the end of the word, I still need to marry and adopt a japanese kid xD)
DragonAce1999's avatar
i thought 2011 was the year of the ox?
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
I don't know :O but the horse comes b4 the dragoon, but I'm not sure, maybe i'm mixing up stuff
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