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Bastard Lightsaber

By MeoMoc
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Basically, a Jedi will have to remove some of their favorite posture while wielding the Crossguard Lightsaber... Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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Is it safe to hold plasma that close to your face even without the crossguard?
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MaldracaiHobbyist Artist
Or they could simply twist it so that the crossguard isn't aimed at their face?
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this is why the sith turned it on in the trailer. away from his body so as to avoid a injury like this.
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AceNosHobbyist General Artist
I think it was intended to be a more broadsowrd-type lightsaber
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AG88Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it!
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MeoMocHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! xD
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SquidHatJenkinsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Laugh LOL 
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added to fan art in Sci-fi Archives…
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MeoMocHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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It's a ridiculous design. If one want cross-guards, make them with that phrik alloy used in those IG-100 Magna-Guard droids' electrostaffs.
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Are you kidding me? The crossguard lightsaber is designed to protect the wielder's hands in a duel. Besides, the cross-guard technology can also be used in shoto sabers to create the Lightsaber equivalents of Sais (A Sai is a weaponized tool from feudal Japan, which when used in combat is meant to trap and control the opponent's blade)
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Is this part of that new movie? I am not even going to see it. I know there were supposed to be nine movies in the series originally, but I wouldn't trust Disney with Star Wars in a hundred years. Anymore than I trust them with Marvel. Seriously, Disney is such a bloated blob of sub companies that it's nightmarish.
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Dude, J.J. Abrams is directing the film. 
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Pfft, yeah, if you're boring.

*Runs off to play with stupidly cool lightsaber*
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You actually choose the rule of cool and the rule of fun over the rule of practicality and common sense? Who are you, and what are you doing on Trooper's account?
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What? I can like both! There's no law saying I can only like one thing done one certain way.
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Well, I was always function over form. 
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The guy using it is neither  jedi...nor sith.

None other than the godfahter of force neutrality.
F@%$ hilarious though.
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CypherX667Student Artist
Or just rotate the hilt a little..
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LOL! It shows how impractical this lightsaber is. It looks awesome, but you can't used it without slicing off your own hand or cut yourself on a very awkward way. :XD:
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I think J.J. Abrams knows that could happen, but do you really think that will happen in the movie 
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I don't think it will happen, but I would like to see that! Only to see how stupid that Abrams is by try out some new weapons in Star Wars :D
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the lightsaber crossguard has been around for a while.… A lot of people are already expecting this movie to be stupid over a lightsaber design. Yes in reality you can cut your hand off by this wars is a fantasy movie franchise. We don't know if the sith is immune to the lightsaber hilt. But yes, it would be pretty funny to see the sith hurt himself whith his own lightsaber 
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