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Character Design colored - Echo


I spent to much time on this..working on coloring Echo…I kept getting distracting watching the Mythbusters marathon on tv right now. So productive today…not ;P


Art by Jessica Madorran 


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very nice characte i love her winking facial expression the most:) (Smile)  
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I need a plushie of her to keep in my bedroom, and ward off bad dreams!
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She protec

She attac

But most importanly

you cant see the line for necklace at the bac

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Yes you can.

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Do you really think a ten yr old you just woke up and every thing is blurred can see it

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I like the horn on her head :D
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Must protecc, soo pretty Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Alright that’s it, i’m motivated to learn anatomy now so i can warp it into a beauty like this.
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The temptation to trace this is S T R O N G
But there’s no way in hell I will. 
She’s too cute, I’d feel bad for stealing her or tracing over her. 
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I think I saw a 3D version of this model made in Blender... :o
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Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love your style!! She is so beautiful

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This is a person I could easily fall in love with. A great start to a great and compelling story.

everything is good except the legs, they look like they were filled with water and are about to explode (this is not meant to be a hate comment.)

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I think the legs look great

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ok well just because you think something looks nice doesnt mean everyone else does
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I love the design! The colors work so well!

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Super cute style and shapes, love the color choices too! She's a beauty
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