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getting back in the groove after a spontaneous art break? missed you all ! ~
also enjoying the traditional vibe of this new brush i got on procreate 

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(extra version of this piece on there !)
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omg good yob you work is beautliful <3

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I just love your work so much, this is great :la:

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ahh gosh thanks <33

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Why of course :aww: !

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ah I am not on instagram anymore to view your works :c /sad

But thank you for still uploading here from time to time.. <3

I love the contrasting colors in this <3 your works could easily accompany music.. they'd be so great as album covers, I can hear their own soundtrack~

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awhh i will miss you in instagram, but that's understandable <3

don't think i'll ever leave DA though, the community is too sweet here,

and has people like you heh :' ))

and AHHH that is such a compliment !! music is so important to me ! i definitely want to do something like that ; o ;

(i am working on a commission for a song cover right now though hehe !! so maybe it's happening slowly) <3

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Awww you're so sweet for saying that ; u ; :heart:

Indeed, I feel the warmest when I am here, even if it's not as active anymore ;;

Ahh you love music too, and you have such a good taste (I heard a song you mentioned somewhere recently..) Day115 - Sparkly Eyes <33 That's wonderful news!!!! I hope you get there! Making covers for music.. what a dream <33333333 I'd love to listen to anything you have participated to! <3

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I've come back to look at this piece several times now, I just love it so much :love: The hatching, the colour choices, the rendering, it all comes together really nicely

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omg that means a lot, thank youuu <333

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absolutely gorgeous! would you mind sharing your new brush? we love it !!

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awhh thanks !! and sure, it's 'THE DAVIS 2.0' from this pack ~

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Great composition, I like this drawing a lot <3

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ahh thank you so much :' ) glad you like !!

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I am, as always, completely in love with this piece <3

that brush really brings another level to your style of spanning the gap between traditional and digital feel and I can't wait to see more works from you using it! q o q <33

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ohh i love the way you put it !! i definitely want to do more stuff like this :' ))

and so happy you like it ; A ;

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ur use of color is so nice : D
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nawhh thanks !

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I feel like drawing bulls is going to be a trend very soon. I saw others draw some and made me draw one, lol.

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This is so good! I love the style, and I love the pops of red color!
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awhh thank you so much !! <3

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