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nettle - inktober [day 10]

By menuli
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sleep with arrows

a larger format illustration to celebrate my 10th inktober - we're a third of the way there folks :^))

i think nettles are so cool, i was really excited to draw them !
i have countless memories of little neighborhood boys that would roll their jumper sleeves over their hands and pluck out nettles 
then chase the girls, looking like some odd plant people that have nettles for hands : ^))

though it's not fun to get stung, it's a painfully sweet and nostalgic sensation to me now.
that's why i thought it'd be interesting to draw a subject in a pose you wouldn't expect when holding a nettle against bare flesh -
content, asleep, painless ~

(honestly i spent most of the day looking for the right pose , and i found this lovely one from Sitara-LeotaStock (thank uu))
also loving this pencil drawing more than the inked finished one , oops ;;

Nettle Ii by menuli 

hope you guys enjoy ! :love:
and thank you for the flora / animal suggestions, i've definitely got lots of inspiration now to keep going ~ : )

materials used

- Mechanical Pencil
- Ohuhu Alcohol Markers (GG3)
- Ramma Black Ink
- Chaoyi White Gouche Pen (white - 8 mm)

☀ read about inktober here !;…
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I really love the small spikes on the stem, it strengthens the notion that the nettle should be painful, yet the person is still calm and content. Nice work!
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ahh i'm flattered you noticed the little details !
thank you so much :love:
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No problem! Details can really enhance a drawing and the impression you are trying to make with it sometimes.
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...nettles? ~OH - Salad Fingers 

(I'm so sorry Salad Fingers was what first came to mind when I saw the title...)

This piece is really cool and the design is amazing. 
All your Inktober art has been really enjoyable!        FREE USE:: Animated Turtle Icon/Emoticon 
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i wasn't aware of salad fingers till your comment,
super creepy ahaha ~

thank you so much though ! i'm glad :heart:
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This is Magnificent! When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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thank youu !!
Koro Crying Icon 
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this piece mixes serene and surreal so well, and I definitely felt some sympathy nettle stings when I saw she was touching it! I absolutely love the story behind this one though, and it changed my whole perspective on this one <33
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your comments.. ugh < 3 you are a poet my friend
thank you so so much ! most of my concepts form during or after the work is finished, oddly enough !
the initial choice for the subject / flora / composition is usually instinctive, but then the ideas and memories unravel slowly as i work away on it ,
didn't really think about it until you said it affected how you saw the work ! (which im really happy about ahah) :love:
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that's super neat omg!
I feel like it somehow makes your art more spiritual honestly, and I love it aaah <33
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I love reading your thoughts behind each piece! ♥
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ohh thank you ! i'm really glad :love:
i was thinking i ramble on about things way too much, ahaha ,
but happy to hear someone enjoys it !
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are you doing photovember this year?
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mm not sure ! i think i'll be a bit too drained once inktober ends to commit to another 'daily challenge' ahah : ) but thank you for the interest !
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