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Hello and welcome to Mental Jackhammer. Please note that since this is not a SuperGroup, to view submissions you must click the gallery tab at the top. We may feature things in the future, but there will be more submissions in the regular gallery.

Information about Prompts and their submission.

Prompts are the seeds which are sown to grow artistic works into a full flowering product, or in this case, the jackhammer used to break through the artist's block.

A prompt must have some consideration to it. It is typically best to submit a collection of prompts, as one alone typically won't cut it, unless a very lengthy and thought out (potentially a couple paragraphs) idea for users to respond to.

We are encouraging quality and community and as such, we would encourage users to examine the various prompts that have been recently made (last few months, at this point) and make sure theirs don't overlap so much. If there is a significant visible overlap, we may be required to reject a project in search of more original prompts. After all, if the users see the same ideas repeatedly, it doesn't truly help them overcome their artist's block, because they're going to reach some level of monotony.

Prompt privileges and prompt-user protection

By submitting to this group you hereby grant the right to users to make derivatives of your work without fear of repercussions against them. You may request credit for the prompt, however you may not request compensation from artists monetarily or otherwise besides a linkback or a text credit. Again, community is important to this group. If users feel pressured to jump through hoops for ideas, they will not be interested in returning to the group, creating, or inspiring others with new prompts.

Information about products

If you have created a product of any form you must link to the prompt(s) from which it derives in the comment section. Administrators or moderators can reject a product if it does not have this, as it is not their job to search every prompt for you. The job of administrators and moderators is already busy enough without searching the entire page for every work. Please keep them in mind when submitting work, it will make things smoother for all users, as they will be able to address more users faster! :)

Though it is probably unlikely to do so, you may, of course, use as many prompts for the same project as you wish, just be sure to link and credit, as per their requests, all the prompts used. Also, there is no limit to how many times you submit a product for a prompt.

Prompt-user privileges and prompt-maker protections

You agree to keep credit for the author's work on the product, if it is removed and the author complains, your product may be removed. If the prompt-maker requests a certain (reasonable) form of credit (avatar link, name credit, etc.) you need to put that request in the comments section. You MUST link the original prompt in the comments section. If you do not, it will be thought that you are just posting art to the group and it will be rejected. This is for people to see how people interpret their ideas and for people with creative block to receive some help. Please keep this in mind when posting.

Also, to general users, you may not take prompts from this group to use for your bots or other groups without permission. Please ask the individuals who created the responses for permission before taking them. If you do take them, it would be nice to credit the individual and link the group.

Other information

Don't feel afraid to contact users and admins or start discussions. We want to promote making acquaintances that can eventually become long-term constructive critics, supporters, and friends. No one here will bite (and if they are extremely abrasive, don't be afraid to contact someone to help you out,) and we're all here for the expansion of ideas and expression through art!

Also, at the present time we are not interested in accepting extremely graphic things. Artistic expression is fine, but due to the hopes to be a very open and inclusive group, we don't want to run the risk of people being bothered by extremely intense stories. Most topics, if addressed in a way that is reasonable, are completely acceptable, however remember that this is an audience which will have people from multiple views. Things can toe the line of offensiveness (as long as they are doing so in a way that creates a reasonable context for it,) but should not outright attack any group of individuals.

Further, if they are going to address certain heavy subjects: rape, suicide, discrimination, eating disorders, abuse, torture, or anything else that could trigger high anxiety, anxiety attacks, flashbacks or other problems with general users, please warn your readers at the top of your project -- not the comments section, the project itself. If you need to know what types of things necessitate a preface, feel free to ask, but a general rule of thumb is if you think it might be, you should probably warn about it because the concern came to mind.


On a different note, here are some suggestions to enhance uniqueness and creativity:

In a statement may seem counter intuitive at first, prompts and products have opposing suggestions first and foremost:

PROMPTS: Examine other prompts, see what they do well, see which ones get a lot of responses, and follow, but do not outright imitate these ideas.

PRODUCTS: DO NOT read other examples of a prompt you are going to use. Try to develop your own story without external influence. If you read products of the prompt you are going to use, you may have a per-established bias toward what you have read, and not be able to develop a unique product.

PROMPTS: Ensure a little bit of ambiguity where you can. The less rigid your prompts, the more freedom the users have to insert their own ideas into the situation and make them more unique.

PRODUCTS: Take advantage of ambiguity in a word, phrase, or idea: "hot" can mean attractive, angry, or of a heated temperature; "he spoke to the mirror" could be just run of the mill mirror talk, or it could be a fantasy world in which there is indeed a talking mirror, etc.

Do not be afraid to seek the help of a dictionary or thesaurus

Either attempt to write about things you know very well, and let your own experiences form the spine of your product, or try to empathize with another person, real or fictitious (even one you just made up) to develop an alternate personality. Trying to write about something of which you have no experience may hinder the quality of the story.

Along that line, for stories, perhaps somewhat contradictory, consider the gender, class, skills, and age(, etc.) of your character: how different would the situation be if that changed? Possibly consider making an adjustment and seeing how it changes the path of the story. In doing so, it may make the story less generic than it started. It might not, but it's worth pursuing.

For poetry, consider its form, if it is a sonnet, consider how you might deliver the idea s a villanelle, a lyic, o a free verse. How does that change its delivery? Does it make it clearer? How does it make you consider what you want to say? If it is more effective, consider working with that style instead. Also, keep in mind that subverting the standards of a form can sometimes be used to great effect, if a thing typically rhymes and you don't rhyme at some point, it can add emphasis to those words.

When reading over your work, see if certain words are used an unusually large amount of times. If so, consider either changing or omitting that word. What does that do to the sentence, phrase, or line? Is it effective? As effective? More effective? Keep this in mind and see if you can increase the effectiveness of your writing. Longer isn't always better. Shorter isn't always better, either.

Other media of art: For something visual, consider the colors. What do those colors do for that idea? Would a different set of colors have a different effect? If so, what effect? Is that helpful? What if there are no colors (save for grayscale?) How does that change the tone? What is the effect?

I stress that none of these are total imperatives, simply things to consider. If you change the product as a result, so be it, but awareness of the options can sometimes get you out of a rut that you may find yourself in while trying to create.
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Group Info

This is a group for artists (though the focus is literature, it is indeed not limited TO literature) to break through that pesky metal block and get to making their art! There are two main parts of this group: prompts and product. Prompts are little seeds which, with proper cultivation, can grow various products, each an artist's own interpretation on the prompt at hand.

Do NOT hesitate to join as a non-literary artist, this is for all types of art.
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