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Pretty In Pink: Dr. Girlfriend

This is old, and it is crap. I have no talent.
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She looks like Beautiful Gorgeous from Jimmy Neutron here
Doc-Hammer's avatar
I still love this one...
MentalFloss's avatar
*double-take* O_O

.....are you THE "Doc Hammer"?

'Cuz if so.... :worship:

I am mightily humbled by your commenting-ness... :D
Doc-Hammer's avatar
I hope I am THE Doc Hammer. Because, let me tell ya, if somebody is out there bothering to impersonate me, I would feel kinda sorry for them.
MentalFloss's avatar
Hey, some folks will do anything for attention... *shrugs* If people didn't go around committing random acts of crazy, Spike TV and Fox would lose like half of their programming. ;) Anyhow, if someone WAS goin' around impersonating you, at least they'd be impersonating someone that helped create one of the greatest shows on earth! :D

BourgeoisBuffoon's avatar
WHOA! This is amazing! Your style is indeed wunderbar!
pixie-the-gator's avatar
the colors are great! it's so hypnotizing! i love the lighting.
yuzukko's avatar
whoa! great job on the bgds! I love the CG on her clothes, and her fingers!!
spit-fire's avatar
Great job :3 I love all the pink, and I especially love all the detail you put into her face ^^ Nice job :D
poinko's avatar
I seriously need to watch more of the Venture Bros. It's been fall-over hilarious every episode I've seen, but I've only seen about 2. I'm a horrible cartoon watcher...

All that aside, tho, the picture looks awesome. It's pink, but not like, *pink*. A good kind of pink. I ike the coloring, and a good job with the hair, as always.

Rinpu's avatar
Awesome! :D Venture Brothers rocks.
Cylu-chan's avatar
*squeals* Dr. Girlfriend! 'Bout time some Venture Bros. stuff was out there. Nice work.
kyria's avatar
j00 are aymayzing.
Hethien's avatar
Wow, I love the colouring, and the bckground is nicely done! Great one!
DanaeOP's avatar
Ha...cute. I've seen Venture Brothers a few times, but can't for the life of me figure out why she has a trucker man's voice. Do you happen to know? This baffles me.
raoulthewarrior's avatar
Just to make you laugh and ponder the 'why' question. ^__^ Oddly enough, it fits her well.
jennymstead's avatar
looks just like her :D
thweatted's avatar
I love your rendition. I meant to draw her but ended up with an eyeless scrap.
musachan's avatar
Dr Girlfriend pwns (but you know that XD)
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