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Pink Lady

She looks like she has goddamn Down Syndrome.

Why do I even try to draw...
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Nice Way of doing a pink shade shadow great pic
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Those eyes look so real, it's scary.
MentalFloss's avatar
It like they stare into yo SOOUUULL..... @_@ :lol:
Quietstorm's avatar
True. So eerily true.
Dwilesjr's avatar
it turned out most beutifully
The coloring is excellent. Really great job.
Deism's avatar
Oh I love LOVE the lips and coloring. Amazing.
slifertheskydragon's avatar
omg this show...

XD it was so funny the first time i saw the show...
MDetector-5's avatar
Damn... that's good!
naomi's avatar
she scares me! but her nose is brilliant, it has so much attitude.
xanykaos's avatar
Heh. She kinda reminds me of the chick from the Beatles movie Help!. Very nice--love your coloring style!
geekysideburns's avatar
I'm a sucker for the hair!
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thweatted's avatar
Excellent portrait! Yes, indeed. :nod:
Christ-Puncher's avatar
your dr. girlfriend fanart rocks, of course you know that already.
goofmore's avatar
When I first read the title I thought it was somethin' from Grease... WOW! Everythin' looks awesome espically the hair and the face!
musachan's avatar
LOVE thee hair and make-up :heart:
SpecterQueen's avatar
Beautiful! I love the detail and the blending is flawless. Wonderful piece!
pixie-the-gator's avatar
i really like the style. reminds me of the carmen sandiego cartoon
HabitualFlippancy's avatar
I think you did a great job!!
ShamelessDoodler's avatar
The color is so gorgeous :O Especially on her makeup. I love it!
Hethien's avatar
I like it! I love her eyelashes, and the colouring on heer hair :aww: nice one!
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