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I have been lax in accepting commissions.  Mainly because my focus has been on running the business.  I am working on new prints for the shows.  If you have suggestions on what you would like to see post them in the comments below.
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I have been neglecting things as the business got off the ground.  But I am back and will continue to update and let people know what's going on.
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October Schedule

Oct 6th - Zinefest at Super Happy Funland
Terry Wagner and ????

Oct 14th - JMV Comic Convention at Marriot Brookhollow
Terry Wagner and Charles Michael

Oct 19th-21st - Dallas Fan Days at Irving Convention Center
Terry Wagner and Sam Carcamo

Oct 26th-28th - Wizard World Austin at Ceaser Chavez Convention Center
Dani VanWinkle and Charles Michael

Unfortunately Garrett Gainey has obligations during the month of October.  You can see him at Haunted Holes in Clear Lake, if you dare enter!
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Here it is guys unless something happens and I will let you guys know.

StripCon in Dallas August 4th - Terry Wagner and Garrett Gainey attending.

Space City Con in Houston August 10-12 - The whole team will be there with some added guests from time to time.
Friday - Dani Van Winkle (tentative) and Terry Wagner
Saturday - Garrett Gainey and Charles Michael
Sunday - Damon Jackson and Allen Adams III

Zine Fest in Houston October 6th Terry Wagner

Fan Days in Dallas October 19-21 Terry Wagner

Wizard World in Austin October 26-28 - Dani VanWinkle and Charles Michael

Fan Days and Zinefest will have at least another person.  Garrett is taken up the month of October.
The release of Shifters 4 should be the end of August and Shifters 5 should be in October.
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Okay guys and dolls we got some great upcoming news.  Shifters #3 is back from print and can be ordered off the website

Also we have several shows coming up.  Welcome to the mid-year Texas tour!  In August we are in our hometown at Space City Con.  In October we are in Dallas for Fan Days and then Austin for Wizard World.   

We are still looking at Comikaze in Los Angeles but it is looking more like a fantasy.  The cost of travel and lodging is killing us on that one.  And we may still do, the web comics expo, in Dallas in August.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!
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I know I have been lax on Deviant Art but it has been a busy year.  You see I am not only an artist but I am owner of the Mental Diversions Studio in Houston Texas.  So the last couple of months we have been working diligently on new books and conventions.  Let me tell you I will be looking for a break soon.  But for those not in the know we just finished the Dallas Comic Con with artists Allen Adams III (Fusion and Season of Storms) and Garrett Gainey (The Corpse and Paladin).  Now I am running a solo trip to Phoenix Comic Con.  I say solo but I will not be alone.  I have been invited to sit at the table with Harperhaus and Gary Harper, weapons master.  I will be doing art for the fans and pushing the titles that the team here in Houston have produced.  Come by and see me and get some free stuff while you meet Gary Harper who has been in the movie 'Last Samurai' and appeared on Mail Call and Deadliest Warrior.
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I am pumped about the Wizard World convention coming up on November 11-13 in Austin, Texas.  Come check the team out at booth 833.  Yes I said BOOTH!  The team will be there doing art for the fans and willing to sign anything they have worked on.

Also, several others will be in attendance at the convention also at their own tables.  Ty Tyner, the colorist of the 'Suicide Jacks' cover will be there as well as Terry Parr from SHONUFF studios and Michael Champion.  Come on out and meet all the creators.

Along with the books we will have plenty of prints to sell and we are always welcome to draw your favorite character.
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Recently I have been spending way too much time on business.  Don't fear new stuff will be posted soon.  Running a business is like having a young child.  It is always in need of constant attention.  Anyway I know I have people waiting on contracts just be patient.  

If you haven't guessed the business is art related.  I publish comic books but I am expanding to include some written works.  As much as I hate to say it sometimes your imagination can draw a better picture when you are reading a well written story.
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I guess I don't rate.  You know being a publisher that has just released 2 more comic books under my company Mental Diversions you think I could join the little group on Deviant Art named #ComicArtNetwork.  DECLINED!  Jeez, you'd think I was a homeless guy applying for a gold card.  

Now this really doesn't bother me that much.  I just thought it was interesting and I am always looking for talent because my company's mission is give lesser know artists a chance.  Also it doesn't hurt that we have stories coming from various sources and I am always looking to match up artists with stories.

But noooooooo, I don't rate for the #ComicArtNetwork

And then I have to ask myself why am I giving these ass-clowns any kind of advertising?

Well really, it's just something to bitch about.  So if you happen to be a member of that group and are looking for work...well they ain't helping you much.

I am going back my non-conformist status.  

Just for grins people, when I started this venture I was told that either it was the wrong time that I would never succeed.

A little bit of advice, don't let anyone tell you can't do anything.

The only person you have to answer to is yourself and if you do your best and continue down the path and complete the journey there is nothing the world can do to stop you.

Oh by the way, Don't forget to check us out at Comicpalooza in Houston this weekend and at Wizard World in Austin this November!!!  

The Houston show is our Hometown show so we are working up some special items just for the Hometown!!!
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It's really good to be back in Texas.  Touching base with my group and getting things arrange for the upcoming comic book conventions.  For those who don't know we will be at Dallas Comic Con and Comicpalooza in Houston.  We have two new books fresh from the printers ready for these cons; Demon Seed #0 by Allen Adams III and Damon Jackson; and The Corpse #1 by Garrett Gainey.  Both books feature a main story and a backup story.  For Demon Seed it's Suicide Jacks by Allen Adams III with Inks by Walter Jimenez II; and The Corpse has a revamped Spandex Avenger as a backup story by Terry Wagner(Shameless self promotion).  I am very happy to say that the team is working on some very interesting projects and I am very proud of the results.  Look for Trog #1 coming this summer as well as God of Thunder.  Of course I wanted to have the magazine ready for these cons but that got pushed.  I am not too concerned though.  This will hit this summer also.  In the meantime we have a lot work in the mix.  I plan on keeping the printer very busy.  And don't forget to see the team at the Wizard World convention in Austin.
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I apologize for not updating more often but one job pays for the other.   Gotta work so I can afford to be a starving artist.  In other news The guys have been coming through for me on their end.  I have to finish up two stories.  I am fleshing out the details and should be sending out the outlines tonight.  Other things, Maurice Terry came through with a kick ass picture for the cover of the upcoming magazine.  I will update more as I scan in items.  In the meantime check out the other artists found at Mental Diversions.
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Well I have been trapped in Oklahoma for the last 3 weeks and the end is not in sight.  Real work tends to get in the way of other work.  Fortunately it has given me the opportunity to get some work done that I have been neglecting.  I have been inking everynight and checking in on the affairs at Mental Diversions.  I am prepping for the next print run.  The next run will be a large one.  Demon Seed by Allen Adams; Fusion 3 by Terry Wagner; and Mentally Challeneged Magazine by various members of the Mental Diversions team including Maurice Terry, Damon Jackson, and Garrett Gainey.  This is all in preparation for the Dallas Comic Con and Comicpalooza in Houston.
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Well New Orleans Wizard World is over and I have been lax at posting.  We had fun (me and the crew) but it wasn't as profitable as I hoped.  Either way it was a blast.  We met and made new fans.  Fusion 1.2 was on the table as well as a Wizard World Exclusive featuring Garrett Gainey.  The most interesting thing was people were looking for prints of some lesser known characters.  I had one of Galactus and sold a couple of those.  The most unique I sold was oone of Opus from Bloom County.  I did a character sketch of Mera (DC Aquaman fame) for a fan.  I was unsure about my abilities and one of my team members was idle so I directed him to the guy.  His name is Maurice Terry.  He is an astounding artist.  The guy paid Maurice $15 to do a sketch in his book.  I gave the one I did to him for free for having interest and trusting me to let Maurice do the sketch.  He was estatic.  But thats really why we do some of this isnt it.  We love the medium and love the fans just as much.
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Fusion 1.2 out for print.  Fusion 3 Getting lettered.  Fusion 4?

Well on my drive back to Houston I had a blast of imagination.  Fusion 4 is in rough breakdowns. That means I roughed out the story on notebook paper and am ready to start transferring it to bristol.  I had an idea of where the story was headed but not a clear path.  After talking to several people at the convention my creative juices got flowing again.  In fact I am so pumped about Fusion 4 that I changed the end of Fusion 3 to tie it together completely.
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Well I had several false starts on the cover for the SHOC Promo.  Finally I just looked at all of the preliminary drawings and saw one section of one picture about the size of a postage stamp that gave me inspiration.  I grabbed a bristol sheet that had been drawn on and erased several times during this whole cover process and just started scribbling out my idea.  

The rough pencils done I stepped back and looked at it.  Though it did not convey the story part I wanted to present.  It was a classic action shot and worthy of covering the SHOC promo.

I posted a scan of the rough online.  Check it out.
I started prepping SHOC for print and then realized I had never done a cover for it.  Not really realized as much as I just made a decision to puiblish it as a promo and then reprint in the back of Fusion 1.2.  Either way the decision was made now I need to make a cover.  The problem is what to make the cover say.

The cover must provide the back story for the action in the comic in one page.  This is by my own requirements.  It sucks being the publisher and the artist because I am pretty hard on myself.    

So let the head banging begin!!!

On a side note I recently talked with a friend of mine and read some his recent work.  The man has an imagination.  I am thinking seriously about getting him to write up a Trog story for me.  If I do then I may have an artist work up the pages.  The only thing I will do is provide direction loosely.  I have faith in his writing style.  

Keep working and doing great things people.
Recently I have done a lot of traveling for my real job.  But it made me think about wrting.  You see on these long drives there isn't much to do except keep it between the lines and think.  Some of my stories spawn from these long drives.  Ussually what happens is I grab a sketchbook right after the drive and do some simple breakdowns so I don't lose the thought.

Needless to say I have pages and pages of thoughts on paper.  Some almost incoherent.  But somehow I always fall to a breakdown drawing or story board.  Sometimes I can relay my thought in one picture.  Other times I am just drawing stick figures playing out a storyline.  to be contiunued...
Well between my real job and the Dallas Con I have really been lax in my work.  This break is well deserved and is allowing me to get my priorities lined back up.  I still plan to release Fusion this fall, which is here by the way.  I wasn't planning on the Fan Days in Plano until I saw that Christopher Loyd was on the bill.  That may be a worthy trip.  Still up in the air on that one.  I will be doing the Wizard World in Austin in November.  If only to party at my old haunts when I am there.  I was forewarned that weekend is a big UT game weekend so I need to establish my hotel like yesterday.

Well back to work.
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Well the Dallas Con was interesting.  I had a great time and gave out 50 freebies of Spandex Avenger.  The bad thing was the turn-around.  Literally I drove from Houston to Oklahoma to Dallas for the Con then back to Oklahoma and now finally back to Houston.  Needless to say I am farkin' tired.  But now is the time to regroup and load up the Spandex Avenger online and begin prepping for the next con.
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Well I haven't updated in a while and it's because some personal issues have come forward.  All I wish to say is, as much as you try to plan for the future sometimes the future plans for you.

I was planning a freebie to handout at the Dallas Comic Con but due to issue I am unable to properly prepare it.  Also I would have had to do it on the down low since I was unable to aquire an artist's table at the convention. (Waited too long.)  

Fortunately there is alot of activity going on so I will just post-pone till the Wizard World show in Austin.  I will be at the Dallas show as a fan-boy again.  I will have my son and step-son in tow.  Not that 20 somethings need my help getting into trouble.  

I was hoping to bring my fiance' but circumstances beyond my control have prevented that.

See you all at the con.
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