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Hellooo, just made this poll as kind of an extra text widget, and hoping you could help if you can and wish to, just to maintain my premium account going and help other artists which I think deserve some points for their polls O:

Thanks in advance <3

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Note: Slots are filled once I have confirmation of the client being okay with the price.

Also, commissions can be cancelled as late as in the red dot stage.

Commission information and pricing can be seen here

:bulletblue: AurraShadefire - Done
:bulletblue: CorruptiveJade - Done
:bulletblue: McGack - Done
:bulletblue: skylord2086 - Done
:bulletblue: SomariaMoon - Done - Done
:bulletblue: Agent-Eckswhy - Done
:bulletblue: Secretagentmittens - Done
:bulletblue: Malkaiwot - Done
:bulletblue: Zer0suit - Done
10º :bulletblue: madcapguy - Done
11º :bulletblue: n0tsaved - Done
12º :bulletblue: Sorry55 - Done
13º :bulletblue: H-exe - Done
14º :bulletblue: Kenn_Kyubi - Done

The colour dots are used indicate a commission's progress, here's what each one means:

:bulletblack: Slot Taken, Planning
:bulletred: Planned
:bulletorange: Paid, Sketching
:bulletyellow: Lineart, Coloring
:bulletgreen: Background, Shading, Text
:bulletblue: Done

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Lol Bunnies



Mar 22, 2019
4:05 pm
Mar 22, 2019
4:04 pm
Mar 22, 2019
3:54 pm
Mar 22, 2019
3:54 pm
Mar 22, 2019
3:49 pm


Andrey Flores
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I draw TG (Gender Transformation) AR (Age Regression) WG (Weight Gain) and More (As in, more stuff <3)

I live in Cuenca, Spain, but I was born in Santiago de Chile

ahm, more about myself? That's on my second id, wait up, I'll link it... here :…

Year's Off

Mon Dec 31, 2018, 1:06 PM
What the title says, the year's over, I've just submitted a new ID to talk about certain things, so let's talk some others here :y

New Accounts

As some may have heard Tumblr recently went belly up by removing all NSFW content and deeming some SFW pictures as inappropiate material, so I stopped posting stuff there. But a website that large making that sort of move got me thinking I gotta be cautious about galleries, it's better to branch out and have as many as possible, just in case I got some short notice about being kicked of a website, it's better to have alternatives than having to start from scratch, so I made new accounts on new sites, though moving galleries is a looooong process. And some things may be bumpier than others, so listing things up mmm... I made these new accounts:

-InkBunny: For exclusively Furry (And kinda furry) artwork.
-SoFurry: Again for Furry artwork, the website's name kinda hints it.
-and NewGrounds: Which unfortunately requires Scouting in order to submit as much as art as you want freely, I made an account and got to post the entirety of Mirror's Cycle, but hit the limit of 200 pictures with the final page, I don't really know if I'll bother trying to get myself scouted.

I have new websites where I wanted to make accounts, but as I said moving a gallery takes time, even if it's moved just partially, and specially considering mine, which is above 1300 pictures, even if I only moved half of them it'd still be guaranteed to take a while. So I'll keep you posted as I create new accounts.

There's also of course the accounts I've made a while ago, which you can see here if you have an account there and feel like following:

-and Patreon


-Discord (MentalCrash#7263)
-PSN (MissMentalCrash) <- Got myself a NoGaemStation4

Is It Summer Yet? - 2018

Got the largest amount of pages uploaded this year, while I of course never expected the comic to take me anywhere near this long, and it's of course far from finished, 2018 has been so far the best year when it comes to pages, I was talking with KAASKOP1997 about it, his contribution has resulted in me wanting to push the updates to happen faster, while we talked I got the idea of counting the amount of pages I've done each year, which I mentioned back in October's journal, so now it stands like this:

2013: 16, 001 to 015, includes old cover for chapter I
2014: 10, 016 to 025
2015: 17, 026 to 041, includes new cover for chapter I
2016: 11, 042 to 051, includes cover for chapter II
2017: 12, 052 to 063
2018: 23, 064 to 085, includes cover for chapter III

And here's hoping I get more than 23 pages done each year, one of the main things keeping me back was the fact I had built myself a trap due to the large amount of Patreon Rewards I had to attend to before, plus trying out making IISY a Crowdfunded comic didn't work in the end. Both things happened this year, so prospects of 2019 having more pages look good.

I may be absent for a month or so though, next October, one of my cousins is getting married and while I'm still not 100% certain about it I may travel to Chile again.


Something I always love to do, feature pictures I've gotten from some awesome people around here :> which include:

Drunken DemoMental Snivy by Cloud-Dream 
A drunk Demoman/Snivy version of my ID, drawn by Cloud-Dream

A new version of this pic by H-exe, now coloured by BackwardSprinter

A Kisekae Gif Sequence version of my comic Sucky Sucky, animated by TinaTimeflies-Enju

Commission List
11º Bullet; Blue n0tsaved - Done
12º Bullet; Blue Sorry55 - Done
13º Bullet; Blue H-exe - Done
14º Bullet; Blue Kenn_Kyubi - Done

The colour dots are used indicate a commission's progress, here's what each one means:

Bullet; Black Slot Taken, Planning
Bullet; Red Planned
Bullet; Orange Paid, Sketching
Bullet; Yellow Lineart, Coloring
Bullet; Green Background, Shading, Text
Bullet; Blue Done


Paypal Donations

I've made a paypal donation button for single time donations, in case you're not interested in something like patreon which is billed monthly, and just feel like helping out, many many many thanks to anyone who decides to help.


Currently Working On...

-IISY Pages
-Patreon Rewards
-Sketches Stream
-A couple pics for myself
-Reopen Commissions
-Dark Fantasy
-Setting up new galleries.



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Glad that you're feeling better.
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Damn,glad you're feeling better now.

But still,that NIB Emoji (test) B Emoji (test)a Virus Boi has something to do with some TG stuff in Spain. (About 0.01% chance happening) (It's not real)
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Hey there Andre, my name is Ryan and can I ask you a question.
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sure, what is it?
Well Andre, did the Guy who became a 6 year old girl carry on changing into a kid after eated more candy.
MentalCrash Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
You mean on the Mint to Be picture? I don't think so, since the last piece of candy she ate (accidentally, when she tripped) only made her clothes change.
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