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Desire by MentalCinephile Desire :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 8 3 Sines by MentalCinephile Sines :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 9 5 Sines by MentalCinephile Sines :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 8 0 The Proof by MentalCinephile The Proof :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 8 3 Feather in the Wind by MentalCinephile Feather in the Wind :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 9 6 Carry Away by MentalCinephile Carry Away :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 9 0 The End of a Journey by MentalCinephile The End of a Journey :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 10 6 Red Rocks by MentalCinephile Red Rocks :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 5 0 Massif des Calanques by MentalCinephile Massif des Calanques :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 10 2 Massif des Calanques by MentalCinephile Massif des Calanques :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 8 6 Massif des Calanques by MentalCinephile Massif des Calanques :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 4 3 Massif des Calanques by MentalCinephile Massif des Calanques :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 6 3 Noble by MentalCinephile Noble :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 7 5 Costa Azul by MentalCinephile Costa Azul :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 7 0 Look Close Enough by MentalCinephile Look Close Enough :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 9 3 Leading by MentalCinephile Leading :iconmentalcinephile:MentalCinephile 11 3

Feel free to check out more of my work:

Digital Art (way more to follow, hopefully)

Free Photos (stock photography – free to use)

More Photography (please ask before using)

France 2016 (3 week trip from Alsace to Marseille)

Portugal 2016 (4 week trip from Lisbon to Lagos)


Random Favourites

Feather Soft by Rachgraceh Feather Soft :iconrachgraceh:Rachgraceh 8 6
How photography became my bestfriend

(Taken at 3am around my place)
Camera: Fujifilm X-E1
I became interested in photography when I was in 3rd year high-school (5 years ago). A classmate brought a DSLR in our school and she let me borrow it for awhile. I was doing candid shots of our classmate at that time and as I look at the pictures, a thought kicked in to me that I've just captured a small happy moment that no one will remember in the future. A small moment that is always taken for granted.
At first, photography is just a hobby for me. A thing that I'm not taking seriously before. Until I entered the college life.
Our class is freaking solid. I think I have 14 classmates in my first year. We had a lot of fun on the first semester until there was a time when every single one of my close friends started Dropping their subjects and leaving the school. My section were merged with  the other section since we are already less than 10 students at that time. We didn't have any difficu
:iconorpheus003:Orpheus003 1 6
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with even mooar cool art in their galleries:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

hobby artist & professional daydreamer

Looks like you've somehow stumbled across my little page. :wave: Feel free to have a look around! Beware of falling llamas~

I've been strolling around DeviantArt for quite some time now (under a different nickname), favoriting and collecting inspiring stuff and admiring the great artists behind all these works. I also uploaded a few random drawings and photographs myself but never took it seriously. Now, after graduating from high school, I decided to make a brand new start with this new account and new motivation. At first, I was not sure what kind of content I'd like to provide. And I'm still not sure. Expect ... everything! :giggle: Mostly photography (most of it free to use) and some paintings though.

To be honest, I've got so many projects in mind, I don't know where to start! :D That's something quite significant about me, I guess: too many ideas and never enough time. So, what else could I tell you about me … My favorite animals are wolves, rats, ravens, red pandas and dragons (oh and pigs are awesome too) & I love writing, drawing, photography and, of course, my dog (she's my everything) … and–you know what, here's a "things I like"-thingy:

33 Random Things I Love, Like & Enjoy
Lazy late mornings, meaningful lyrics, old maps, mental cinema (& real cinema),
first snow, text-based RPG, peaceful rebels, rainy nights, people who take the red pill,
the sea, almost all kinds of animals (sorry spiders and mosquitos), languages,
vegan food, mountain views, Norse mythology, notebooks & sketchbooks, chocolate,
black clothes, colorful lives, sunsets, (some) anime, necklaces, making memories,
running, mavericks who advocate their values, the northern lights, inspiring quotes,
Portugal, a little saudade, wide open minds and midnight talks.

Of course there are things I don't like, too … but let’s stick to the bright side of life for now!

I'm one of these persons who love chatting online with interesting people from all over the world but are very awkward when it comes to making new contacts "offline". However, feel free to drop me a message here on dA anytime, no matter what's on your mind! :)


Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose .:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf .music love. by icedtay :Dream: Stamp by NyAppyMiku22 Writer stamp by WhiteKimahri
Stamp: Treat Animals Kindly by Southrobin Equality Is For Everyone by chibi-angel :thumb266121223: We Are Made Of Star Stuff by ThePrettiestSalad wolves by Folkwe
:thumb166527370: Disney Stamp - TLK II 003 by hanakt Stamp: Never too small by Southrobin I love Mixed-breed Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate
Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Stamp - The World by shadowed-light-waves Rain Stamp by Stamp221 Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX Forgetful by prosaix Supernatural by kicsianna Wishful Thinking by whispwill Love Travel 2 by petercui

German language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Portuguese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Countries I've been to so far (yes the blue ones) Still so many on my list … :heart:

Feel free to thank me for
- the llama (please give one back <3)
- the fav(s)
- the watch
- existing :dummy:
... and have a nice day :heart:
»Traveling: It gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.«

According to some Internet sources, this is a quotation from a Medieval traveler called Ibn Battuta. But whoever said it first, he knew what he was talking about. It's the first time in my life I'm really experiencing this feeling … it's save to say that I've been bitten by the infamous travel bug. ;) Last week I came home from my 4 week trip through Portugal and I feel like part of me is still wandering around in the beautiful town of Lagos; another part is staring in awe at the breathtaking seaside of the west coast, watching the sunset bathe the waves in gold and red; and yet another part is just enjoying that magical mixture of sun and wind stroking my skin.
Austria is a beautiful country too and I love to see my mountains and fields and forests again … but it still feels a bit odd to me and I find myself daydreaming about the next journey. In German, there's a beautiful word for it: Fernweh. It's the counterpart to Heimweh, which is homesickness. So Fernweh literally means something like distance-sickness or far-away-sickness.

And still, even if the danger of getting "infected" like that is very high, I recommend it to everyone who is not sure if there's enough time/money/whatever – just do it! Take the time, save the money and make some invaluable memories! :)

My software problems are finally solved by the way~ :happybounce: Which means that I'll upload the rest of my pictures from France, always a couple of them at a time (every other day or so), and I'll also start to share some photos from Portugal with you. For me, it's perfect to reminisce about these experiences and I hope that some of you will also happen to enjoy these pictures. :aww:

For now, I want to end this journal with a little collection, featuring works that in some way allow me to travel around the world without even leaving my home. Enjoy~ :heart: (and don't forget to check out the artists behind these wonderful pictures :))
After looking through these pieces again I realized how many of them are showing waterscapes … well, I just got a thing for lakes & (especially) the sea <3

At the small lighthouse by roisabborrar
Glenfinnan by danUK86
Stetind II by Pinho

Autumn moments @ M . Tarcu by Pod-Photography

The Voyage by Unkopierbar

Sunset 4 by IGhengisKhanI

155 by Serg-D

Repose | Joshua Tree by JasonKoons

Vibrant Set by A2Matos

Golden Hour Stroll by Jorgipie

Setting Sun by WillowsAtSunset

Freedom by andersartigkeit

  • Listening to: Summer Never Came
  • Watching: memories
  • Eating: homemade bread
  • Drinking: water
I've wanted to do a feature like that for a while now and I'm glad that I found some time for it just before heading to Portugal on Friday. :aww: Do you ever happen to come across a beautiful piece of art, thinking there should be 100 comments or so on it–only to discover that there are just a few or none at all? So yeah, this journal is dedicated to these pieces and I hope you'll find the time to show them some love~ :la: 
First things first though, there are two special projects I want to share with you: 

This is just such an awesome gesture by Mad42Sam – I'm still not sure which item I'll buy cause c'mon, these are all great! :heart: I'll decide when I come back (fortunately, the event will last for 3 months, starting from September 5 :))

Go To Rakuen by RivenTear
Now this is something a little different. "Go To Rakuen" is a touching story, written and illustrated by RivenTear, that really … hit me in an unexpected way. I highly recommend reading this comic but be prepared to still having to think about it for some days after finishing it. At least that's what happened to me. 

Eventually, the following collection features the images I was talking about
that deserve far more attention in my eyes. Enjoy! :heart:

Light Headed Deer by Kureenbean
The bottle by RemusSirion

Light by natzufall
Hundertwasser Village Vienna - 10 by RockingScorpion
cuteeeee by lisans

2016.09.06 by Enduine
My Girls | Kaanapali by JasonKoons
//Cursed by tfZanben
Frosty walk to school. by scottagunning
The Infinite Loop by A7md3mad
Entrainement by Faol-bigbadwolf
Garden Toad by Chawkthree
colorful nightmares by dS1GN
Comm: Blacker Than Night by Meorow
Beautifully Dead by Botteled-Wolf
  • Listening to: cover of Carry On Wayward Son (SN musical ep)
  • Playing: with ideas~
  • Eating: chocolate


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