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Giantess Amy Dream Snowball FIght WInter Olympics by Mennomoog Giantess Amy Dream Snowball FIght WInter Olympics :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 102 8 New ID picture by MechaOmega759 by Mennomoog New ID picture by MechaOmega759 :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 9 1 Sonic Synthesizers: Silver by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Silver :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 3 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Charmy by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Charmy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 3 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Shadow by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Shadow :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 2 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Amy by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Amy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 4 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Knuckles by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Knuckles :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 1 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Tails by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Tails :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 1 0 Sonic Synthesizers: Sonic by Mennomoog Sonic Synthesizers: Sonic :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 4 0
Amy Rose Grows, Part 3: Space Colony ARK (3 of 3)
Amy took one desperate attempt in trying to push the ARK away from Earth. As she expected, it didn’t work. She pulled herself towards the centre of the ARK and was about to give the space station one large kick in order to change its course, when suddenly a large lizard appeared around the broken parts of the Eclipse Cannon and merged with it, holding it very tight. Amy couldn’t believe her eyes.
The creature had nested itself deep into the remains of the destroyed weapon and started pulling the Space Colony towards Earth with a mysterious force, moving the space station even faster.
Amy got closer to the creature and tried to push it. The giant lizard seemed to be tough, even though Amy was twice its size. Amy’s hand got too close and it tried to bite her with its huge beak. She quickly pulled away her hand.
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 8 2
Amy Rose Grows, Part 3: Space Colony ARK (2 of 3)
Knuckles was walking down the corridor, heading closer to an open space that seemed to look like a machine room. While he slowly approached it, he noticed a familiar green glow emitting from a large metal door. Using his huge fists, he knocked down the door and gave him a clear view of the enormous room.
The Master Emerald!
The center of the room contained a large bridge, and above the bridge Knuckles saw the Master Emerald, hanging on several cables and machinery. He started running faster and came closer to the huge crystal.
What is that? Are they drawing energy from it?
As Knuckles approached the Master Emerald, he was surprised by a sexy-looking bat that came shooting from the sky, landing before him.
“Rouge, you thief!” He yelled.
“I won't let you take that gem,” Rouge responded as she gave Knuckles a serious look.
“You shouldn't have stolen it in the first place! It belongs to Angel Island.”
“My my, you really are cute when
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 6 0
Amy Rose Grows, Part 3: Space Colony ARK (1 of 3)
The evil doctor was typing quickly on his keyboard. Although the Egg Carrier was heavily damaged when it got ripped into two pieces, his main computer still worked.
“Bypassing this firewall...yes...yes. Now I just have to type in...the...proper password...”
His robot minions Decoe and Bocoe were looking over his shoulder as he tried to hack into the Space Colony ARK mainframe.
They had been floating in space for days. The ship wasn't able to fly on its own, which meant it took them some time to reach the abandoned space station after they were thrown into space by the pink hedgehog giantess.
Dr. Eggman laughed. "Well, that was a very easy password. I'm surprised my grandfather didn't come up with a more sophisticated one."
“So, you're in the mainframe, Dr. Eggman?” Decoe asked.
“Silence! Let me think. Hmm...where to look?” He pushed a couple of keys on the keyboard, scrolling through the text on the monitor. “What? This...this can't be!”
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 6 0
Amy grows before Sonic by Mennomoog Amy grows before Sonic :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 29 7
Sonic Boom: Attack of the 50 Ft. Amy
Sonic Boom: Attack of the 50 Ft. Amy
Episode xx
by: Mennomoog
We see the library of Hedgehog village. It's a sunny day and Hedgehog village looks quiet.
Amy walks inside the library, browsing through different books. She doesn't seem to find the right one. She looks at FASTIDIOUS BEAVER, the librarian.
Excuse me, where can I find ‘Beekeeping part 2: a stunning experience’?
Top shelf, over at the 'Are you mad?' section.
Amy looks up and finds the book, but the shelf is out of reach. She jumps and jumps but still can't reach the book. She gets frustrated and growls.
Can I help you with a ladder?
Oh yes please! I'm just not tall enough and I really want that book.
It's over there.
Fastidious beaver points towards the library ladder behind Amy, but it rests on top of the book cabinets, even farther from Amy's reach
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 20 8
Giantess Amy - SonAmy by Mennomoog Giantess Amy - SonAmy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 63 15 Gaintess Amy - ShadAmy by Mennomoog Gaintess Amy - ShadAmy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 30 3


126. Sonamy Valentine by BeeWinter55 126. Sonamy Valentine :iconbeewinter55:BeeWinter55 88 8 Smooch~ by Jay-Aero Smooch~ :iconjay-aero:Jay-Aero 209 16 Kiss the Hedgehog by Miszcz90 Kiss the Hedgehog :iconmiszcz90:Miszcz90 125 29 Cuddles by deardiana15 Cuddles :icondeardiana15:deardiana15 573 185 Natsu no Hi by panic-puppet Natsu no Hi :iconpanic-puppet:panic-puppet 181 22 9.23 by Zer0jenny 9.23 :iconzer0jenny:Zer0jenny 345 5 Sonic and Amy by panic-puppet Sonic and Amy :iconpanic-puppet:panic-puppet 445 15 Amy Rose by CuteyTCat Amy Rose :iconcuteytcat:CuteyTCat 382 47 Amy Undressing Comm by SecretlySaucy
Mature content
Amy Undressing Comm :iconsecretlysaucy:SecretlySaucy 428 6
Amy by AstralSonic Amy :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 106 14 :Doodle_rose: by Strawberry-amai :Doodle_rose: :iconstrawberry-amai:Strawberry-amai 32 3 Amy Rose by jetfrozen Amy Rose :iconjetfrozen:jetfrozen 35 1 Amy Rose w/o dress by jetfrozen
Mature content
Amy Rose w/o dress :iconjetfrozen:jetfrozen 37 3
What's Going On??? by sonictopfan
Mature content
What's Going On??? :iconsonictopfan:sonictopfan 78 531
+Amy Rose+ by Lyserg1705 +Amy Rose+ :iconlyserg1705:Lyserg1705 40 4
Warning: some favourites I love contain mature content.


Giantess Amy Dream Snowball FIght WInter Olympics
Oops! Looks like Amy outdid herself this time during the Dream Snowball Fight at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. I guess she desperately wanted to win from team Mario to impress Sonic. ;)

I commissioned this with the great artist RaccoonShinobi 
New ID picture by MechaOmega759
A new ID picture for my DA page, made by sonicmechaomega999 for my birthday. Thank you so much!!!
Sonic Synthesizers: Silver
The Access Virus Indigo 2 is like Silver: it's a powerful synth that can create awesome, analogue sounds that could have been from the future. It was even used by Tomoya Ohtani-San for the Sonic Colors soundtrack!
Sonic Synthesizers: Charmy
The EDP Wasp is like Charmy: it's a small synth and it makes a lot of buzz sounds. It even looks like a bee!
It's obvious that the people (4Kids) responsible for translating the original Sonic X Japanse version anime to the American dub either hated Amy or didn't like the Sonamy moments. And they changed the show for a 4 year old audience probably, instead of the 12+ it was intended for.

I'M PISSED AT 4KIDS for delivering such crap. All the emotional Sonamy moments are either gone or translated incorrectly! Even Amy's dialogue in the American dub doesn't serve her right and is changed in such a manner that she sounds dull instead of the strong girl she is.

Even plot changes are cut out. For example, Amy was living in her own apartment in Episode 27. That came all of a sudden in the American dub, because they had changed her dialogue in Episode 19, where she clearly explained to Chris that she wanted her own apartment in Station Square.

Right now I'm viewing the Japanese version and I can tell you, it's 100000x better in terms of story, dialogue, music, and sound effects.
I think it's a shame, because the American dub has great voice actors (with the exception of the annoying voice of Bokkun). I'm thinking of rewriting the whole thing for the American dub and have it dubbed all over again (I used to work for dubbing companies). Unfortunately I'm not in the position to get it funded or getting the rights from SEGA (this sort of thing has large budgets attached to it). Meanwhile we have to enjoy the Japanse dub, although I hope Discotek soon comes with a proper Japanese version on DVD / Blu-ray.

I'm posting the missing Sonamy moments on my YouTube channel. Check it out:…


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Just your average male from the Netherlands, in love with Amy Rose. I like SEGA stuff, synthesizer music (70's and 80's stuff), collecting records and cd's and video games. Favourite movies include Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Oddysey and Manhunter. And of course Sonic X ;)


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