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octopus glomp

new animal glomped :lol:


this octopus is the son of the first big octopus i made : [link] :aww:

idea by *BlissfullySarcastic :eyes: thank you =p
she also named him Paul the little octopus :aww:

EDIT : i made the plz account :p
:iconoctopusglomp: :iconoctopusglomp: :iconoctopusglomp:
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octopuses are cute.
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I used this glomping octopus as my avatar. If thats not ok just let me know and i will change it.
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May i use him as my avatar pic if possible i really like octopus (idk how to do the plural) and think this is really cute
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yes you can :) thank you
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Thank you i just need to figure out how now
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*squees* I love it! An octopus glomping! That's adorable. This icon is going in my signature, pronto! Is there a way to link an icon back to you? Because I want to credit you for it. Thanks so much!! :D
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no need to give credit for icon plz i made, if the icon plz is well done as this one, if someone click on the plz account and go to his page, i faved my deviation with it so people know where they can find the original one :)
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oh noes! Why won't it show in my siggie?!?! Help please? *sadface*
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how do you make sooo many plz accounts?
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i didn't make them all, but i made some of them :) they are just regular account used for the avatar someone put on the account, so it is not hard to create many i guess :)
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that is sooooooooo funny!!!!!!
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ohh! I'm his mother (I used the big octopus like avatar ) it's great :love::+fav:
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