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a new free avatar :dance: i made it because i was bored today :p i hope you like it :) tell me if some of you guys use it :aww:

thanks to :iconjkfrt:
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Aww what i cute icon! It really captures love and how it can take you <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love" /> Very clever to use the colors of the date emoticon <img src="…" width="36" height="22" alt=":date:" title="Date" /> and how as there flying up into the air there are tiny hearts surrounding them. Also cool how you made them hold each other close and make the magenta one blushing. Makes me scream AWWWWWW <img src="…" width="17" height="15" alt=":giggle:" title="Giggle" />. I'm sure alot of people are using this icon as there own because it's so goddamn cute. And the details (like how the hearts pop and they form the word love) is a nice touch. If you made them just a little bigger, more people would notice, but great job! To do that just because you're bored is very cool.
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how did you get those 'devious rating' things on the side? and it is a fair comment

kawaii emotes,,, actually, kawaii anything is good by me hehe <3
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thank you for the critic :aww: yes i do like to make cute emoticon when i don't what to do :) this is always fun
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This was just used on me. Really made me smile.
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Yayayayayyyy!!!! :icongiantlovehug: ^^
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Awe this is really adorable!
Thanks for making it free to use. I might use it for a while

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It kind of reminded me of the one kiss scene between Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig
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I love this one, thanks :D !
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I feel this way around :iconboneyplz: a lot <=3
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If you don't mind, I've used this is in the comments.



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:thumb147245887: :thumb147245887: :thumb147245887: :thumb147245887:
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how do you use it?
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:icon giantlovehug:without the space
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no problem. :icongiantlovehug:
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